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Dominique A. Pineiro / DOD via Reuters
Jared Kushner in Iraq With Joint Chiefs Chairman Jared Kushner in Iraq With Joint Chiefs Chairman Jared Kushner in Iraq With Joint Chiefs Chairman Jared Kushner in Iraq With Joint Chiefs Chairman

Jared Kushner in Iraq With Joint Chiefs Head

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The Battle for Mosul Won't End With Ouster of ISIS The Battle for Mosul Won't End With Ouster of ISIS The Battle for Mosul Won't End With Ouster of ISIS

The Battle for Mosul Won't End With Ouster of ISIS

Iraq Launches Offensive to Retake Mosul From ISIS Occupiers Iraq Launches Offensive to Retake Mosul From ISIS Occupiers Iraq Launches Offensive to Retake Mosul From ISIS Occupiers

Iraq Launches Offensive to Retake Mosul From ISIS

U.S. Officials: 615 More Troops Heading To Iraq

Baghdad in State of Emergency After Supporters of al Sadr Storm Green Zone


Baghdad Chaos: Protesters Topple Green Zone Walls, Storm Parliament

Reversal or Refinement? Seeking Meaning to Obama's New Iraq Path

Critics Say White House Has Mixed Messaging on Iraq

U.S. Soldier Grazed by Bullet at Iraqi Training Facility Outside Baghdad

Amid Conflict with ISIS, Iraq Pumps Oil Like There's No Tomorrow

Terror Groups AQIM, AQAP Urge Militants to Unite Against West

John Kerry in Baghdad: U.S. Won't Let ISIS 'Evil' Spread in Iraq

Britain to Send Machine Guns and Ammunition to Iraqi Army, Kurds

Iraqi Parliament Approves New Government Led by Haider al-Abadi

USAID Humanitarian Assistance Delivered to Iraqi Refugees in Erbil

Obama Sending 350 More Troops to Iraq

Blackwater Trial Goes to Jury: What's at Stake

Iraqi Leader Hails Resilience Against 'Beasts and Killers'

NATO Summit: Obama Faces Crossroads in Fight Against ISIS

Iraqi Town Liberated From Two-Month ISIS Siege After U.S. Aid Drops

U.S. Airstrikes and Aid for Iraq City Under Siege by ISIS

U.S. Launches More Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq

Should President Obama Have Said There's No Strategy Yet Against ISIS?

Pentagon: Fighting ISIS in Iraq Costs $7.5 Million a Day

Obama Warns Defeating ISIS Won't Be Quick

Tanker Carrying Kurdish Crude to Offload in Texas After Ruling?

Top U.S. General Cautions Against Hitting ISIS in Syria

What Are Obama's Options for Stomping Out ISIS in Iraq and Syria?

30 Killed in Iraq Bombings a Day After Mosque Attack

Suicide Car Bomb Explodes Outside Baghdad Intelligence Agency, 8 Dead

Dozens Dead in Shiite Attack on Sunni Mosque in Iraq: Reports

ISIS Issues Own ID Cards in Seized Iraqi City of Mosul: Sources

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Says Involvement in Iraq Not Over

Analysis: U.S. Airstrikes Save Thousands of Yazidis. Now What?

U.S. Drops Leaflets on Iraq's Mosul Urging Fight Against ISIS

ISIS Sympathizers in Malaysia Plotted Brewery Attack: Official

'Small Handful' of Americans Believed to Be Fighting With ISIS in Iraq

State Department Asks For 300 Additional Military Personnel for Iraq

U.S. Airstrikes Target ISIS Forces Near Mosul Dam in Iraq

Kurdish Forces Thank U.S. for Airstrikes Against ISIS at Mosul Dam

Iraq Aims to Drive ISIS From Saddam Hussein's Hometown of Tikrit

Iraqi, Kurdish Forces Retake Key Dam in Iraq

Pope Francis Condones Protecting Iraqi Minorities

U.S. Pounds ISIS With Another 15 Airstrikes Near Mosul Dam

U.S. Strikes Boost Troops Battling ISIS Militants at Mosul Dam

ISIS Loses Control of Mosul Dam in Key Victory for Iraqi Forces

Escape From ISIS: Yazidi Granny Crawls for 2 Days to Escape Militants

Kurdish Forces Retake Parts of the Mosul Dam in Iraq


Yazidi Volunteers Prepare to Fight Back Against ISIS Militants

U.S. Launches Airstrikes in Battle to Retake Iraq's Mosul Dam From ISIS

Nouri al-Maliki Gives Up Post to Rival Haider al-Abadi

Obama: Situation has 'Greatly Improved' for Yazidi Refugees

Iraqi Christian Loses Mentally Disabled Son While Fleeing ISIS

Spain and Morocco Bust Suspected ISIS Recruiting Cell

U.S. Forces in Iraq See Less Need for Mount Sinjar Evacuation

Yazidi Refugees' Fear Still Raw and Fate Unclear in Iraq

British Police Look Into Pro-ISIS Leaflets Handed Out on London Streets

France Sends Arms to Kurdish Forces in Iraq Battling ISIS

U.S. Sending 130 Military Advisers to Northern Iraq


Iraq's Yazidis Flee ISIS Militants

Helicopter Carrying Yazidis Crashes in Iraq: Report

Iraq PM Maliki Tells Army to Keep Out of Political Crisis

U.S. Drone Strike Hits ISIS Firing Position in Northern Iraq

Stoicism and Sacrifice: Yazidi Men in Iraq Yield Seats on Rescue Chopper

Kerry: U.S. Will Consider More Iraq Military Aid, But Not Yet

ISIS Militants Seize 63 of This Iraqi's Family Members in Sinjar

'Humanitarian Disaster': Displaced Iraqis Inhabit Makeshift Shelter

Kurdish Reporter Risks Life to Interview ISIS Militants

Obama Hails 'Promising Step Forward' for Iraqi Government

Military Official: U.S. Strikes Unlikely to Cripple ISIS Momentum


Exodus: Persecuted Yazidis Flee Islamic State

Analysis: Iraq's Nouri Al-Maliki Signals That He Won't Go Quietly

Iraq Explained: What You Need to Know About the Current Crisis

CIA Arms Kurdish Peshmerga in Battle Against ISIS: Officials

Al-Maliki's Special Forces Deploy in Baghdad: Reuters Sources

U.S. Military Conducts More Airstrikes Against ISIS

Iraq Prime Minister al-Maliki to File Complaint Against President

U.S. Relocates Some Staff From Embassy, Consulate in Iraq

Should U.S. Do More or Less in Iraq? Lawmakers Weigh In

ISIS Kills at Least 500 Yazidi in Iraq, Buries Some Alive: Reuters

Pope Francis Voices Outrage, 'Disbelief' Over Iraq Violence

We Need an Army: Iraq Refugees in Erbil Urge Obama to Do More

U.S. Launches Four More Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq

Thousands of Yazidi Flee ISIS in Iraq and Into Syria

Obama Warns of 'Long-Term Project' in Iraq

U.S. Drops Food and Water to Trapped Iraqis for Second Day

'Dying By the Minute': Iraqis in America Fear Worst for Family

Second Strike: U.S. Warplanes Drop More Bombs on ISIS Forces

Biden Pledges Support 'North to South' in Fight Against ISIS in Iraq

Iraq Shakes up U.S. Politics Once More

Fighting ISIS in Iraq: Questions Linger As U.S. Strikes

Video Appears to Show Iraqi Refugees Gathering Aid

Kerry: ISIS Campaign in Iraq Shows 'Warning Signs of Genocide'

Barack Obama Gets Dragged Back Into Iraq

Kurds Welcome U.S. Airstrike Plan as ISIS Seizes More Towns

Obama Authorizes 'Targeted' Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq

Saddam Hussein's Tomb Attacked, Burned by Militia: Iraq Official

Some of Iraq's Yazidis Are Rescued After Fleeing ISIS Militants

Car Bombs Explode in Shiite Districts in Baghdad, 22 Killed

Iraqi Prime Minister Orders Air Force to Help Kurds Fight ISIS