Continuing coverage of the ISIS terror threat in Iraq and Syria


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Rocket With Mustard Agent Lands Near Qayara Base in Iraq: U.S. Official Rocket With Mustard Agent Lands Near Qayara Base in Iraq: U.S. Official Rocket With Mustard Agent Lands Near Qayara Base in Iraq: U.S. Official Rocket With Mustard Agent Lands Near Qayara Base in Iraq: U.S. Official

U.S. Tests for Mustard Agent on Shell Launched at Base

NBC News Exclusive: Amal Clooney's Dangerous Mission Against ISIS

Amal Clooney's Dangerous Mission Against ISIS

ISIS Information Minister 'Dr. Wa'il,' Killed in Airstrike in Syria: Pentagon

ISIS' Propaganda Chief Killed in Syria: Pentagon

Pope Francis: Killing 'in the Name of God is Satanic'

Germany Arrests 3 in Schleswig-Holstein Suspected of ISIS Links

U.S. Says It Killed Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, ISIS' Second-in-Command

Paris Judge Charges Woman in Female 'Terror Commando' Probe


French Prosecutor Says ISIS Now Using Women as Fighters

Women Planned to Attack Gare de Lyon in Paris: French Officials


ISIS Is Rooting for a Trump Victory, Hillary Clinton Says


ISIS Rockets Hit Turkish Tanks Near Syrian Border


Syrians Return to Jarablus After ISIS Driven Out

German Military, Police to Team Up Amid Fears of ISIS Attack

Russia Says Its Airstrike Killed ISIS' Abu Mohammed Al-Adnani

ISIS Says No. 2 Leader Abu Muhammad al-Adnani Is Dead in Syria


Kerry: ISIS Linked to Eight Other Groups Around World

U.S. Calls Turkey's Syria Clashes 'Unacceptable,' Urges Focus on ISIS


Turkish Tanks Cross Into Syria for Anti-ISIS Mission

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Survivor Mohamed Roble Charged With Joining ISIS

Mississippi Man Sentenced, Thanks FBI for Stopping Him From Joining ISIS

Iraq Hangs 36 Convicted in ISIS Massacre of 1,700 Soldiers at Speicher

3 Men Convicted in British Court for 'Incendiary' Speeches Supporting ISIS

ISIS Forces Pakistan and Iran to Forge Uneasy Partnership


Syria Endure Another Day of Devastating Bombings

45,000 ISIS Fighters Have Been Taken Off Battlefield, Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland Says

Man Who Planned New Year's Eve ISIS Attack Pleads Guilty

Canadian Banned From Contacting ISIS Dead After Police Operation

300 ISIS Fighters Killed in U.S.-Afghan Operation in Nangarhar: NATO

Bradley Cooper Developing Miniseries for HBO About the Rise of ISIS

ISIS May Be Holding 3,000 Iraqi Civilians as Human Shields: UN


Watch U.S. Airstrike Blow Up ISIS Tank in Libya

ISIS Defector Describes Group's Interest in Western Attacks: Report

D.C. Metro Transit Officer Charged With Trying to Assist ISIS

New Counterterrorism 'Heat Map' Shows ISIS Branches Spreading Worldwide

U.S. Begins New Airstrike Campaign Against ISIS Targets in Libya

France Church Attack: Abdel-Malik Petitjean Was Known Potential Radical

Pope Francis Says 'The World Is at War' After ISIS-Linked Church Attack


Deadly ISIS Bombings Kill Dozens in Kurdish Border Town

Three Florida Men Charged in Plan to Join ISIS

Levi Shirley, American Fighting ISIS in Syria, Killed in Combat: Family

ISIS Trying to Topple Saudi King with Attack on Mohammed's Mosque

Bangladesh Hunts 'Missing' 261 Who May Have Joined ISIS


Caught on Camera: ISIS Downs Russian Helicopter


Watch: Iraqi Forces Retake Village from ISIS

Ramadi Devastation Revealed in New ICRC Footage

Baghdad Bomb Toll Hits 200; Iraqis Take Out Anger on PM Al-Abadi


More Than 150 Dead as ISIS Targets Busy Shopping Area

ISIS Repels American-Backed Forces Advancing on Syria Bastion

Baghdad Bombing in Karada Kills More Than 100, Injures Scores


U.S. Aircraft Carrier Strikes ISIS in Iraq, Syria

U.S. and Iraq Airstrikes Target Alleged ISIS Convoy

Fallujah Residents Find More Suffering Despite Triumph Over ISIS

Iraqi Commander Declares Fallujah 'Fully Liberated' From ISIS


Indiana Teen Was on Way to Join ISIS, Authorities Say

'Gutless Wonder,' Pal Convicted of Trying to Aid ISIS

Iraqis Fleeing ISIS Go 'From One Hell ... Into Another'

Kabul Attack Prompts ISIS, Taliban to Launch Competing Claims of Responsibility

Iraqi Forces Seize Fallujah Hospital in Fight for City

Iraqi Forces Enter Central Fallujah, Liberate Key Areas from ISIS

Lone Wolves Pose Vexing Terror Threat: CIA Chief


ISIS Will Intensify 'Global Terror Campaign,' CIA Warns


Airstrikes Pound ISIS Positions as U.S.-Backed Forces Advance


Cop Killer Pledged Allegiance to ISIS, Posted Attack Video


Cop Killer Claimed Responsibility Online: French Prosecutor

Magnanville Attacker Was Convicted Jihadi Larossi Abballa: Source

Europol Boss Rob Wainwright: ISIS Is 'Animal Caged in the Corner'

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Blasts Near Syrian Shiite Shrine That Killed at Least 20

ISIS Opens Fire on Civilians Fleeing Fallujah, Killing 30: Iraqi Military

American ISIS Defector Mohamad Khweis Hit With Terrorism Charge

Fallujah Residents Fear ISIS Snipers, Starvation


Watch U.S. Navy Jets Flying Anti-ISIS Missions

Life After ISIS: Liberated Iraqis Face Squalid Camps, Interrogation

Three Minnesota Men Convicted of Conspiring to Join ISIS


Pro-Government Militia Target ISIS Positions in Battle for Fallujah

100 ISIS Fighters May Be Plotting In Belgium: Official


Iraqi Military Chief Says ISIS Has Foreign Fighters in Fallujah

U.N Warns 20,000 Children Are Trapped in Fallujah as Iraq Battles to Oust ISIS

U.N. Says ISIS May Be Using Human Shields in Fallujah as Aid Groups Warn of 'Catastrophe'


Iraqi Forces Continue Fight to Retake City of Fallujah From ISIS

ISIS Commander in Fallujah Killed in U.S. Strike, Military Says


New Images Show U.S. Forces Helping to Fight ISIS in Northern Syria

ISIS 'Disappeared' From Fallujah Outskirts Ahead of Offensive: Resident

American ISIS Defector's Case Unsealed After NBC Interview

Blasts Hit Syria's Strategic Tiyas Base Used by Russians: Stratfor

U.S. Allies Announce Offensive to Retake ISIS 'Capital' in Raqqa, Syria


Battle for Fallujah Intensifies as Government Troops Advance

Iraqi Forces 'Liberate' Villages From ISIS in Fallujah Offensive


Wave of Bombings Kills Dozens on Syrian Coast

ISIS Bombing Spree in Tartus, Jableh Kills Scores on Syrian Coast


New French Security Measures Create Anger and Frustration

Iraqi Forces Begin Massive Offensive to Retake Fallujah

Iraqi Forces Prep Offensive on ISIS-Held Fallujah, Tell Residents to Leave

Euro 2016: France Refuses to Let ISIS Take Soccer Away


Wave of Bombings Kills Dozens Across Iraqi Capital

Baghdad Attacks: Wave of Bombings Kills 76, Wounds 110

FBI Director Comey: ISIS Is Losing Its Appeal in America

Minneapolis ISIS Trial Will Examine Terror Group's Allure


ISIS Blast Tears Through Baghdad Market

ISIS Claims Bombing Near Beauty Salon in Baghdad's Sadr City