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U.S. Fears New Threat From ISIS Drones U.S. Fears New Threat From ISIS Drones U.S. Fears New Threat From ISIS Drones U.S. Fears New Threat From ISIS Drones

Slick New ISIS Video Shows New Drones, Suicide Tanks

Romeo Ranoco / Reuters
Duterte Declares Martial Law Over Chaos in Marawi, Philippines Duterte Declares Martial Law Over Chaos in Marawi, Philippines Duterte Declares Martial Law Over Chaos in Marawi, Philippines

ISIS-Aligned Militants Occupy Parts of City, Take Catholics Hostage

Alaa Al-Marjani / Reuters
National Intel Director Reveals ISIS Attack Plan National Intel Director Reveals ISIS Attack Plan National Intel Director Reveals ISIS Attack Plan

National Intel Director Reveals ISIS Attack Plan


Bulldozer Driver Thwarts ISIS Suicide Bomber

U.S. Service Member Killed in Mosul, Iraq: Pentagon

Friendly Fire May Have Led to Deaths of 2 U.S. Army Rangers in Afghanistan


Iraqi Violinist Plays Concert in Defiance of ISIS

Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Urging Killings of U.S. Service Members

Video Shows the Moment the 'Mother of All Bombs' Strikes ISIS in Afghanistan

U.S.-Led Coalition Airstrike Kills 18 Anti-Assad Fighters in Syria: Pentagon

American Soldier Killed in Afghanistan in Anti-ISIS Operation: U.S. Military

ISIS Second-in-Command Ayad al-Jumaili Killed in Airstrike: Iraqi Military

ISIS, U.S.-Backed Forces Battle Over Syria's Tabqa Dam

ISIS Claims Kabul Hospital Attack But Taliban Remains Main Threat


Western Mosul Reduced to Rubble in Fight to Oust ISIS


Amal Clooney Speaks Out Against ISIS, Genocide at UN

U.S. Marines Enter Syria to Aid Fight for ISIS' Capital Raqqa

ISIS Leader Baghdadi Fled Mosul but Left Die-Hard Followers Behind: Official

Battle for Mosul: ISIS Letters Chart Schoolboys' Journeys to Radicalization

Iraq Air Force Bombs ISIS in Syria for First Time

Bomb Blasts Near Newly Liberated Syrian Town Kill at Least 60


Syrian Rebels Capture Al-Bab From ISIS

Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Jamal Al-Harith Became Suicide Bomber: Reports

Battle Against ISIS In Mosul: Iraqi Forces Advance on Airport

Execution Leaflets Bring New ISIS Terrorism Fear to Pakistan


ISIS Destruction of Palmyra Laid Bare in New Drone Video


UN 'Deeply Concerned' for 750,000 Civilians Trapped in Western Mosul

ISIS Destroys Another Roman Monument in Palmyra, Syria: Official

U.S. B-2 Bombers Strike ISIS Camps Near Sirte, Libya: Officials


Syrian Troops Battle ISIS in Palmyra Desert

The Battle Against ISIS Is Being Waged Block by Block


Battle to Oust ISIS Fighters from Mosul University

American Troops Have Operated Inside of Mosul, Coalition Confirms

Turkey and ISIS: Istanbul Attack Signals Descent Into 'Open War'

Australia Christmas Terror Plot Foiled, Police Say


Ash Carter to Trump Team: U.S. Must Lead Fight Against ISIS


Ash Carter: Three ISIS Leaders Killed in Raqqa

Iraqis Mourn Destruction of Ancient City of Nimrud: ISIS 'Tried to Destroy the Identity of Iraq'


Fierce Fighting as Iraqi Troops Battle ISIS South of Mosul

Inside the Secret Rescue of Yazidi Sex Slaves From ISIS Captors

ISIS Fighters Returning From Iraq, Syria May Unleash Europe Attacks: Cops


Meet Two American Medics Saving Lives on Front Lines of Mosul Battle

Bomb Found Near U.S. Embassy in Manila; ISIS-Linked Group Eyed

France Foils ISIS Attack Planned for Next Week: Prosecutor


1M Trapped in Crossfire as Battles Rage in ISIS-Held City

Suicide Truck Bomb Kills Dozens in Iraq, Mostly Iranian Pilgrims

Battle to Defeat ISIS Takes Toll on Civilians


Watch Frantic Rush for Food Aid in Mosul


Syrian Rescuers Search for Aleppo Airstrike Survivors

ISIS Singles Out Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as 'Excellent' Attack Target


ISIS Suicide Car Bomb Destroyed Just In Time

ISIS Attack on Israeli National Soccer Team Foiled: Kosovo Cops


Iraqi Kids Get Precious Education Far From Home


Iraqi Christians Wounded in ISIS Attack


Funerals Held for Victims of ISIS attack in Pakistan


U.S.-Backed Militias Battle for ISIS Capital


ISIS Stockpiles Chemical Weapons, UN Warns

A Year After Bataclan Massacre, Paris Remains On Edge


Kurdish Forces Caught by ISIS Suicide Blast

U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria Killed Twice the Civilians Previously Announced

Battle for Mosul Morphs Into Fierce Urban Combat

Operation 'Euphrates Anger' Begins to Liberate Raqqa fom ISIS, Supported by U.S.


Iraqi Troops Advance into ISIS Stronghold

Iraqis Near Mosul in 'Smoke-Filled Hell' as ISIS Burns Oil Wells

ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Emerges With Defiant Statement After Iraqi Forces Enter Mosul

Mohamad Khweis, American Who Bolted From ISIS, Now Indicted


Iraqi Helicopters Hit ISIS Targets

Iraq Troops Enter ISIS-Seized Mosul for 1st Time in 2 Years


Iraq's Special Forces Cross Mosul City Limits

Battle for Mosul: Civilians Caught Between ISIS, Iraq Forces

Iraqi Forces Approach Mosul Amid Warning Battle Won't Be 'Picnic'


Humanitarian Crisis Grows in Iraq as Battle to Retake Mosul Continues


Harrowing Scenes from the Front Line as Kurds Battle ISIS

Battle for Mosul: Shi'ite Militias Launch Offensive to Seal Off Western Front

Iraqi Forces Fighting ISIS Near Mosul Uncover Large Network of Tunnels


Take a Tour of ISIS Tunnels Around Mosul

ISIS Forcing Civilians to be Human Shields in Mosul: Reports


2,000 Bombs, Rockets, Shells Fired at ISIS in 11 Days


ISIS Used Iraq's Largest Church as Gun Range, Burned Pews

Top U.S. Commander Sees Tough Fight in Surprise Visit to Iraqi Base


FSA Rebels Battle ISIS in Northern Aleppo

Sec. Carter: ISIS Could Seek Revenge for Offensives in Raqqa, Mosul


Christian Town Liberated as U.S. Airpower Pummels ISIS

Children Driven From Their Homes by Battle Against ISIS

In Mosul Operation, ISIS Hit With More Airstrikes Than Ever Before


Dozens of Towns, Villages Liberated From ISIS Rule

Iraq Violence: U.S. Denies Attacking Mosque in Daquq, Near Kirkuk

No, ISIS Isn't Rooting for Hillary Clinton

Defense Secretary Ash Carter Heads Closer to Front Line in Iraq


Carter Meets US Troops in Iraq

Nearly 1,000 People Treated for Exposure to Toxic Gas Near Mosul: Hospital

ISIS Assault on Iraq's Kirkuk Ends After 24-Hour Battle

ISIS Attack in Kirkuk Is Reality Check Amid Mosul Offensive


Running for Cover on Kirkuk's Streets as ISIS Attack


Iraqi Troops Push to Within 4 Miles of ISIS-Held Mosul

ISIS Fighters Claim Attack on Kirkuk, Iraq


Sounds of Battle as ISIS Fighters Seize Targets in Kirkuk


ISIS Suicide Attacks Unfold On Camera Near Mosul


ISIS Fighters Lived Here Until They Ran Away

Battle for Mosul: Why Reaching the ISIS Stronghold Is a Delicate Balance