Chronicling ISIS' reign of terror.


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Amal Clooney Takes on ISIS for 'Clear Case of Genocide' of Yazidis Amal Clooney Takes on ISIS for 'Clear Case of Genocide' of Yazidis Amal Clooney Takes on ISIS for 'Clear Case of Genocide' of Yazidis Amal Clooney Takes on ISIS for 'Clear Case of Genocide' of Yazidis

Amal Clooney Takes on ISIS for Persecuted Yazidis

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Fallujah After ISIS: Go Inside Militants' Courthouse, Jail Cells

Rough Justice: See Inside ISIS Courthouse, Tiny Cells

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Kadiza Sultana Has Been Killed in ISIS Stronghold: Family

Teen Who Traded Life in U.K. for ISIS Has Been Killed: Kin


Hollywood Actor Battles ISIS in Syria

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Israel's Karakal Battalion: Meet Women on Front Line Against ISIS

American ISIS Defector: 'I've Let My Nation Down'


American Who Joined ISIS Reveals His Regrets

NYC Man Who Joined Then Escaped ISIS Speaks Out Against 'Evil'

Kids Will 'Torture and Kill for ISIS,' German Intel Chief Warns

Columbus' Tie to ISIS Recruits Shows No One Immune: Mayor

An American ISIS Cell: The Story of 3 U.S. Recruits

The Americans: 15 Who Left the United States to Join ISIS


ISIS Leak Reveals Identities of 15 American Militants


ISIS Struggles to Recruit, Pay and Retain New Fighters

Meet the ISIS Defector Who Handed Over Stolen Personnel Files

The ISIS Files: What Leaked Documents Reveal About Terror Recruits

Should the CIA Use Drones to Kill ISIS Targets?

Leaked ISIS Personnel Files Paint Picture of Group's Recruits


This Woman Is Battling ISIS on Her Own

'Sextremist' FEMEN Leader Inna Shevchenko Defies Death Threats

ISIS in 2015: A Look at the Year in Terror


ISIS in 2015: How the Militants Fared

ISIS Takes to Airwaves, Transmits Fatwas in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

Is Saudi Arabia's 'Islamic Military Alliance' Spin or Gamechanger?

America's Most Wanted: The ISIS Leader at the Top of the U.S. Kill List

Rob Malley, Obama's New ISIS Czar, Is a 'Trusted' But Controversial Pick

Yazidi Women Tell of Rape and Enslavement at Hands of ISIS

Vian Dahkil Fights to Save Yazidis From Extermination by ISIS

Yazidis in U.S. Grateful This Thanksgiving for Escaping ISIS

ISIS Terror: One Yazidi's Battle to Chronicle the Death of a People

They Found Love in a Hopeless Place: Syria's War-Torn Kobani

'Jihadi John' Airstrike 'Incinerated' Two People: U.S. Official

'Jihadi John' Airstrike Is Major Morale Blow for ISIS: Experts

'Jihadi John': From Would-Be Soccer Star to Face of ISIS

'Jihadi John' Targeted: Victims' Family Members React to Strike

'Jihadi John' Is Targeted by U.S. Airstrike in ISIS Stronghold

16 ISIS-Linked Suspects Held in Europe-Wide Sweep: Italy Officials

Beheadings, Video Raise Specter of ISIS on March in Afghanistan

ISIS Operative Aly Ashraf Hassanein al Gharabli Killed: Egypt

ISIS-Linked Fighters Behead 3 Women, Child: Afghan Officials

Details Revealed in Chilling Plot to Kill Anti-ISIS Activists in Turkey

U.S. to Deploy Special Operations Forces in Syria: Officials

'Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently' Activist Killed in Urfa, Activist Group Says

ISIS Fighter Denis Cuspert, AKA Deso Dogg, Killed: Pentagon

Iraq: We Didn't Ask for U.S. Ground Operations

NBC News Exclusive: Video Purports to Show Anti-ISIS Raid That Killed American

Behind Delta Force, the Covert Unit That Saved ISIS Captives in Iraq

Did ISIS Sympathizers Create Fake Facebook Page for U.S. Cop?

ISIS Attacks Soared in Past 3 Months: IHS Jane's Database

Hacker's Kill List Shows ISIS 'Crowdsourcing Terrorism'

Some Iraqis Are Asking Russia to Bomb ISIS in Their Country

U.S. Strategy to Train Syrian Fighters Could Have Succeeded: Rebel Leader

Analysis: How Russia Is Aiming for Syria Checkmate

Syria's Piano Man Flees After Years of Giving Hope to Others


ISIS Shows Off Its American-Made M16 Rifles

Iraqis Who Flee ISIS Fear Losing Aid After 'Devastating' U.N. Shortfall

ISIS Brutalizes Boys to Create an Army of Child Soldiers, Victims Say

Iraqi College Kids Spend Summer Break Learning How to Fight ISIS

Young Muslim Entrepreneurs Try Countering ISIS Propaganda

Helly Luv: Meet The Kurdish Pop Star Fighting ISIS With Songs

Three Female ISIS Defectors Describe Life Under Terror Group's Harsh Rule

Inside Raqqa: New Video Shows Life in ISIS Stronghold in Syria

Analysis: Is Syria's Assad Set To Be Abandoned by Russia, Iran?

Turkey Is Bombing Both ISIS and Kurds Linked to Forces Fighting Militants

Retreating ISIS Left 'Thousands' of Mines in Syrian City of Hasakah: Kurds

Captured ISIS Fighter: Joining Extremists in Syria Ruined My Life

Fighting ISIS: Why This Single Dad Left N.Y. to Join the Battle

ISIS Makes Three Times as Much from Oil Smuggling as Previously Thought: Officials

Cash Benefits Ease Parents' Pain When Kids Join ISIS Militants

Iraqi Christians Form Babylonian Brigades Militia, Battle ISIS

Animosity Between Sunnis and Shiites Might Doom Iraq's ISIS Fight

ISIS Supporters Throw Down Gauntlet to Hamas in Gaza

Syrians Fleeing ISIS Forced Onto Streets of Turkey, Fear Returning Home

National Museum of Iraq Director Discusses ISIS Destruction of Relics

ISIS Anniversary: The Year Since Caliphate Was Declared

Concerns Rise of ISIS-Inspired Attack in U.S. as July 4 Nears

ISIS Wannabes Focusing on U.S. Attacks, Study Says

Kurdish Fighters Push Closer to ISIS Caliphate's Capital in Syria

Hadi al-Ameri on Shiite Militias Fighting ISIS: 'We Expect More' From U.S.


On the Road to Ramadi With Iraq's Largest Shiite Militia

Afghan Taliban Contends With ISIS Encroachment

Taliban Warns ISIS to Stay Out of Afghanistan

American Keith Broomfield Killed Fighting Against ISIS in Syria

West Is More Worried About Palmyra's Relics Than Lives: Residents

Is U.S. Claim of 10,000 ISIS Dead Believable?

Analysis: 'Ghost Soldiers,' Ineffective Strikes Allow ISIS to Seize Ramadi

Syria Raid on ISIS Leader Abu Sayyaf Puts Spotlight on Terror Group's Finances

ISIS-Linked Fighters Tighten Grip in Afghanistan, Outmatch Taliban Brutality

New Violence Spurs U.S. Fear of ISIS Spreading Like a Virus

ISIS Wannabes: Inside the Minds of Jihadis Born in the USA

Anti-ISIS Fighters Terrorize, Drive Out Iraqi Civilians: Witnesses

ISIS Is the World's Richest Terror Group, But Spending Money Fast

American Volunteers Help Kurds Fight ISIS in Northern Iraq

ISIS Caught in Vise As Battle For Iraq Rages


ISIS Recruiting and Training Kids for Its 'Cub Fighters'

Aid Workers Help Yazidi Women Return to Life After ISIS Nightmare