ISIS militants claim responsibility for beheading American photojournalist James Foley in Syria.


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James Foley's Mom 'Embarrassed and Appalled' by U.S. Government James Foley's Mom 'Embarrassed and Appalled' by U.S. Government James Foley's Mom 'Embarrassed and Appalled' by U.S. Government James Foley's Mom 'Embarrassed and Appalled' by U.S. Government

James Foley's Mom: I'm 'Appalled' by U.S. Government

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'Fight Evil With Love': Online Tributes for Executed Writer James Foley

'Fight Evil With Love': Online Tributes for James Foley

GlobalPost via AP
ISIS 'Waterboarded' James Foley: Sources

ISIS 'Waterboarded' James Foley: Sources


Obama Weighs Direct Military Action Against ISIS in Syria

Syria: James Foley Rescue Might Have Worked With Cooperation

James Foley Asked Family to 'Stay Strong' in Message


British Ambassador: 'We Are Close' to Identifying Foley's Killer

British Intelligence Identify Man They Believe Killed Journalist James Foley

Sunday Mass Held in Remembrance of James Foley

Iraqi President Expresses Condolences to James Foley's Family


U.S. Calls ISIS Global Threat, Considers Syria Air Strikes

James Foley Killing Was a Terrorist Attack, White House Says


Ben Rhodes: James Foley Beheading Represents 'Terrorist Attack'


'Difficult Moment to Face:' Photog Remembers James Foley


Where Does ISIS Get Its Money?

Foley's Dad Mourns: 'I Did Not Realize How Brutal They Were'

Why Is Britain a Breeding Ground for ISIS Terrorists?

Full Text of the Final Email ISIS Sent to James Foley's Family


Pentagon Preparing for 'Everything' In ISIS Fight


Details of Failed Rescue of James Foley Emerge

ISIS Fighters Killed in James Foley Rescue Attempt, U.S. Officials Say


Hagel Opens Up About Rescue Attempt of James Foley

Pope Francis Calls Slain Journalist James Foley's Family

Friend: Foley 'Didn't Let Fear Hold Him Back,' But Wasn't Reckless

British ISIS Militants Dubbed 'Beatles' Guarded Syria Hostages


Eric Holder on James Foley: 'We Will Not Forget'


James Foley's Former Student Emotional Over His Death

ISIS Demanded $132 Million for Release of Journalist James Foley

Tragedy on Twitter: James Foley Case Raises Hard Social Media Questions

James Foley Killing Part of Larger Terror Spree Unleashed by ISIS

James Foley: A Look at Some of His Finest Work for GlobalPost


Slain American Journalist James Foley Mourned Around World

Belgian Dad Tries to Bring Home ISIS' Foreign Fighters


Extremist Group ISIS' Threat to the West

Mission to Rescue James Foley, Other Hostages in Syria Failed: Officials


GlobalPost CEO: Jim Foley Was 'Brave To The Very End'


Jim Foley's Mother: Jim Believes in Our Country

James Foley's 'Haunted' Parents Say He Was a Martyr for Freedom


Foley Parents: 'Haunted' By How Son Died


Obama: Killing of James Foley 'Shocks the Conscience' of the World


Journalists Under Fire Around the World

James Foley Remembered as 'A Man of Incredible Bravery'

Obama on Journalist's Killing: 'No Just God Would Stand For What They Did'

Watching Purported James Foley Video May Trigger Charges in U.K.

Who Is Steven Joel Sotloff, Second American Journalist Threatened by ISIS?

American Journalist James Foley Described Being Drawn to Danger


Kidnapped American James Foley Apparently Killed by ISIS

James Wright Foley, Kidnapped Journalist, Apparently Executed by ISIS