Twelve people were killed in a terror attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine that has published controversial Muhammad cartoons.


Grand Mosque of Paris Opens its Doors to Visitors of all Faiths Grand Mosque of Paris Opens its Doors to Visitors of all Faiths Grand Mosque of Paris Opens its Doors to Visitors of all Faiths Grand Mosque of Paris Opens its Doors to Visitors of all Faiths

Grand Mosque of Paris Opens its Doors to Visitors of all Faiths

Michaud Gael / NurPhoto-Sipa USA
Foiled Paris Attack: Officials Struggle to ID Knife-Wielding Assailant Foiled Paris Attack: Officials Struggle to ID Knife-Wielding Assailant Foiled Paris Attack: Officials Struggle to ID Knife-Wielding Assailant

France Struggles to ID 'Isolated' Would-Be Attacker

Mourners Pay Respects to Charlie Hebdo Victims Mourners Pay Respects to Charlie Hebdo Victims Mourners Pay Respects to Charlie Hebdo Victims

Mourners Pay Respects to Charlie Hebdo Victims


Victim's Name Misspelled on Charlie Hebdo Memorial Plaque 

One Year Later, Charlie Hebdo Proves It's Very Much Alive


Commemorative Plaque Unveiled at Hebdo Attack Supermarket

Controversial New Charlie Hebdo Migrant Cartoons Draw Criticism

Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist 'Luz' Says He's Leaving Satirical Magazine

Award for French Magazine Charlie Hebdo Divides Prominent Writers


Jewish Supermarket Targeted in Paris Attacks Reopens

Kosher Market Attack: France Indicts Two With Gunman Links

Charlie Hebdo Resumes Regular Publication After Attack

France Seizes Passports of Six Alleged Jihadis Bound for Syria

Charlie Hebdo Attack Fails to Kill Satire, Stop Muhammad Cartoons

Charlie Hebdo Gunman Kouachi Texted Coulibaly Before Attack

Iran Group Launches $12,000 Contest for Cartoons That Deny Holocaust

France Arrests 8 Over Suspected Links to Jihad Recruitment Network


Anti-Charlie Hebdo Protest in Kabul Turns Violent

Charlie Hebdo Delays Next Two Issues Because Staff 'Not Ready'

Paris Kosher Supermarket Attacker, Amedy Coulibaly, Was Wearing GoPro

France Launches Online Campaign to Deter Would-Be Jihadis

Did Prison Life Create Charlie Hebdo, Kosher Supermarket Terrorists?

U.S. Military Bases in Europe Step Up Security After Paris Attacks, Raids

Paris Terrorism Investigation Could Take 'Years': Prosecutor Francois Molins

Britain's Jewish Community Fearful After Paris Supermarket Attack


British Jewish Community's Mixed Feelings About Safety

Paris Supermarket Attack Hero Lassana Bathily Receives French Citizenship


New York's Mayor Delivers Message of Support to Paris

Obama's Chief of Staff Takes Rap for Paris Rally Snub


Anti-Charlie Hebdo Demonstrations Sweep Muslim World

Thousands Protest 'Immoral' Charlie Hebdo in Russia's Chechnya

Greece Probes Potential Link to Belgian Terrorist Plot

Sen. Graham: More Parises Are Coming Because 'Current Strategy Is Failing'

Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Protect 'Freedom of Religion,' Editor Says

Charlie Hebdo Editor Gerard Biard Says Faith Should Stay Out of Politics

Paris Attacks: France Releases Three of 12 Detained in Terror Probe

Churches Burned and Shops Raided in Charlie Hebdo Protests in West Africa


Muslims Protest Worldwide After Charlie Hebdo Skewers Prophet

Police Station, Churches Targeted in Niger Charlie Hebdo Protests

Charlie Hebdo: French Question 12 On Involvement in Attack

Belgium Raids Thwart Plan to Kill Cops in Streets, at Stations: Official

Photographer Shot At Charlie Hebdo Demonstration in Pakistan


John Kerry: 'Today I Want to Share a Hug With All of Paris'


Protest Near French Consulate in Karachi Turns Violent

Radical Islamist Djamel Beghal Eyed Over Links to Paris Attackers

Charlie Hebdo Massacre Survivor: I Closed My Eyes and Waited for Bullet


Secretary of State Visits Scenes of Paris Terror


Charlie Hebdo Survivor Describes His Ordeal


Friends Decorate Slain Cartoonist's Coffin for Funeral


Pope Francis on Paris Attacks: There Is a 'Limit' to Free Speech


Police Photo Shows Kosher Supermarket Attacker's Weapons Stash


Street Pianist 'Wants to Bring Comfort' to Paris

Turkey Probes Cumhuriyet Newspaper Over Charlie Hebdo Excerpts

Pope Francis on Freedom of Speech: 'One Cannot Make Fun of Faith'

Charlie Hebdo Attack: Pakistani Legislators Chant 'Death to Blasphemers'


Pakistani Lawmakers March Against Latest Hebdo Images


Kerry Visiting France to 'Share a Big Hug with Paris'

Charlie Hebdo Founder Says He's 'Upset' With Slain Editor Charb

French President Francois Hollande: Muslims Are 'First Victims' of Fanaticism

Turkey's PM Compares Israel's Netanyahu to Paris Terror Attackers

Obama and Cameron: Prosperity Is Key to Defeating Terrorism

Policewoman Run Over Outside French President Francois Hollande's Home


Security Measures Outside French President's Residence


New Photos Show Inside of Paris Kosher Shop During Deadly Siege

Paris Attacks Highlight Challenge of U.S.-Yemen Relationship

American Newsstands Scramble for Copies of Charlie Hebdo


Al Qaeda Claims Osama Bin Laden's Successor Ordered Paris Attack


Controversial New Issue of Charlie Hebdo Flies Off Shelves

ISIS Releases Video Praising Paris Terror Attacks

Turkey Raids Paper Printing Charlie Hebdo Solidarity Edition

Prophet Muhammad, Pope Francis, Angela Merkel Feature in New Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo Special Edition Featuring Muhammad Cover Goes on Sale

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Claims Responsibility for Paris Attack

French Comic Dieudonne Detained Over Paris Attack Facebook Post

Iran: Charlie Hebdo Special Edition 'Insults Islam'

U.S. Steps Up Security at Airports After Paris Attacks


'It's Wonderful': Parisians Celebrate Charlie Hebdo Publication


Charlie Hebdo: Paris Vendor Can't Meet Demand


Latest Edition of Charlie Hebdo Goes on Sale in Paris


Paris Terror Attacks Deepen Fears Among Jews in France


New Video Shows Charlie Hebdo Gunmen Moments After Attack

Video Shows Charlie Hebdo Gunmen Firing on Cops from Getaway Car

Egyptian Muslim Group Warns Charlie Hebdo: Don't Publish New Issue


New Video Shows Masked Kouachi Brothers After Attack

Terror Suspect Arrested in Bulgaria Linked to Paris Killer: Officials


Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist Has No Concerns Over Next Cover

Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist 'Not Worried' About Muhammad Image

Turkey's Erdogan Hits Out at Netanyahu for Role in Paris Rally

Paris Attacks: Is Accomplice Hayat Boumedienne Now in ISIS Town?

Ceremonies in Paris, Jerusalem Honor France Terror Dead

Charlie Hebdo Attack: Pakistan Cleric Holds Funerals for Kouachi Brothers


Paris Terror Victim's Son Pays Tribute at Jerusalem Funeral


France Honors Police Killed in Paris Terror Attacks

Charlie Hebdo Massacre: Jihadist Mentor Farid Benyettou Condemns Attack


Paris Statue Wields Pencil in Support of Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo Editor's Partner: 'I Want to Die'

Suspected Paris Accomplice Hayat Boumeddiene Crossed Into Syria: Official

Charlie Hebdo Cover Features Cartoon of Muhammad Crying


Charlie Hebdo Journalists Get Back to Work After Massacre


Female Terror Suspect Escaped to Turkey Before Paris Attacks