San Bernardino Shooting

San Bernardino Shooting Victims Mourned at Emotional Vigils

Mourners gathered solemnly Monday night for two candlelight vigils in San Bernardino, Calif. to remember people killed in a mass shooting last week.

. Photos of the victims of the mass shooting are displayed during a candlelight vigil in downtown San Bernardino, Calif. on Dec. 7 2015.

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Mike Nelson / EPA

. People write messages on a board for the families of the victims.

Mike Blake / Reuters

. People hold candles during the vigil for San Bernardino County employees.

Patrick T. Fallon / Reuters

. A woman silently remembers the victims of the shooting.

Patrick T. Fallon / Reuters

. Mike Price (R) holds candles with his son Keith and daughter Iris.

Patrick T. Fallon / Reuters

. People hold candles during the solemn vigil.

Patrick T. Fallon / Reuters

. Photographs of victims of the attack are seen.

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. Arlene and Ralph Payan (R) remember the injured and killed.

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. Photograph of the victims are displayed.

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. Elvina Guererro holds a candle.

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