Continuing coverage of the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment.


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'Embarrassed' Ben Affleck Admits to Asking PBS to Hide Slave-Owning Ancestor's Past 'Embarrassed' Ben Affleck Admits to Asking PBS to Hide Slave-Owning Ancestor's Past 'Embarrassed' Ben Affleck Admits to Asking PBS to Hide Slave-Owning Ancestor's Past 'Embarrassed' Ben Affleck Admits to Asking PBS to Hide Slave-Owning Ancestor's Past

'Embarrassed' Affleck on Why He Asked to Hide Family's Past

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Ben Affleck Asked PBS to Not Reveal Slave-Owning Ancestor, Leak Shows

Ben Affleck Asked PBS to Not Reveal Slave-Owner Ancestor

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Ex-Sony Chief Amy Pascal Acknowledges She Was Fired

Ex-Sony Chief Amy Pascal Acknowledges She Was Fired

Sony Hack: 'Critical' Systems Won't Be Back Online Until February

Sony Hack: N. Korean Intel Gleaned By NSA During Incursion

North Korea Threatens 'War Disaster' Over Sanctions


FBI Chief Comey: North Korean Hackers 'Got Sloppy'

Sony Hackers 'Got Sloppy,' Used North Korean IPs: FBI Director


Clapper Names N. Korean General Behind Sony Hack

Sony Hack Most Serious Cyberattack Yet on U.S. Interests: Clapper

Sony CEO Praises Employees, Partners for Standing Up to Hackers

Obama OKs New North Korea Sanctions Over 'Destructive' Cyber Attack

Sony Expands 'Interview' Digital Release, More Theaters to Show Movie

Activist Plans to Bring 'The Interview' to North Korea by Balloon

'The Interview' Sets Sony's All-Time Record for Online Sales


North Korea Lashes Out at Obama

North Korea Internet Outage Accusations Not Worth Response, Official Says

North Korea's Internet, 3G Mobile Network 'Paralyzed': Report

North Korea Insults Obama, Blames U.S. For Internet Outages

Sony Pictures' 'The Interview' Grosses $1 Million on Opening Day


Sony's 'The Interview' Gets Its Movie Theater Debut

Screening Surprise: 'The Interview' Star Seth Rogen Thanks Moviegoers


Sony Sends 'The Interview' to Google Play, YouTube and XBox

Sony Is Streaming 'The Interview' Online

'The People Have Spoken!' Celebs Praise Sony Move to Release 'Interview'


Sony's 'The Interview' to Play in Select Theaters on Christmas

Sony Hack: What to Ask Your Employer About Data Security

Sony Entertainment Announces Limited Release of 'The Interview'

Reporters Press State Department on North Korea Internet Outage

Sony Lawyer Threatens Twitter With Lawsuit Over Hacking Tweets


North Korea's Internet Collapses in Possible Cyber Attack

State Department: 'No Specific Credible Threat' of North Korea Attack

Sony Hack Is Bad, But the Real Cyberwar Is All Around You


Sarah Fagen on Sony: Congress has to do Something

Sony Calls Hack a 'State-Sponsored Criminal Act'


Sony Lawyer: This is a State-Sponsored Criminal Act


Obama: If North Korea Wants to Help, It Can Admit Fault in Hack

White House: Sony Never Told Us It Planned to Pull 'The Interview'

Sony Hack: North Korea Demands Joint Probe With U.S.


Obama Says Sony Made a Mistake as FBI Pins Hack on North Korea

'We Have Not Caved': Sony CEO Defends 'The Interview' Decision

Obama: Sony 'Made a Mistake' By Pulling 'The Interview' Movie

FBI Says North Korea Was Behind Sony Hack

George Clooney Calls for Online Release of 'The Interview'

North Korea Behind Sony Hack? If So, It Had Help, Expert Says


Celebrities Slam Sony's Decision to Pull 'The Interview'


U.S. Officials Say Sony Hack Was Launched Inside North Korea

Sony's 'The Interview' Will Eventually Hit Screens: Experts

After 'Utter Devastation' of Sony Hack, Experts Ask: Who's Next?

U.S. Considering 'Proportional Response' to Sony Hack, White House Says


White House: Sony Hack a 'Malicious' National Security Issue

'The Interview' Isn't Alone: 5 Movies That Riled World Leaders

'The Hackers Won': Stars Slam Decision to Pull 'The Interview'


U.S. Officials Say North Korea Behind Sony Hack Attack

North Korea Behind Sony Hack: U.S. Officials

Sony Cancels 'Interview' Release After Theaters Drop Out While Fox Folds Similar Movie

Could Sony Hack Scare Other Companies Into Beefing Up Cybersecurity?

Theaters Pull Sony's 'The Interview' After Hacker Threat of Violence


Sony Hackers Invoke 9/11 While Threatening Movie Theaters


From Leaked Emails to Terror Threats: Everything You Need to Know About the Sony Hack

Ex-Sony Employees Sue Over Hack, Claim Company Failed to Protect Data

Sony Hack Rips the Veil Off Hollywood's Secrets: Re/Code

Sorkin on Sony: 'Doesn't Have to Be Illegal to Be Wrong'

Sony Execs Try to Reassure Employees After Damaging Hack


Sony Hackers Threaten to Leak 'Christmas Gift' of Data

How the Sony Hack Panic Has Changed Hollywood

Sony Demands Halt to Reporting From Leaked Documents


Sony Hack Reveals Latest Bond Script

James Bond Producers Say Screenplay Stolen in Sony Hack

Lines of Code Key in Probe of Sony Cyberattack


Who Hacked Sony?


Latest Sony Email Leak Exposes More Hollywood Secrets


What Sony Hack Attack Means for Studio's Future

Sony Hack: Executive Amy Pascal Apologizes for 'Insensitive' Emails About Obama

Sony Tries to Disrupt Downloads of its Stolen Files: Re/Code


Latest Leaks From Sony Hack Rock Hollywood

Cyber Attack Could Cost Sony Studio as Much as $100 Million: Experts

Sony Hack: FBI Director Says Not Clear Yet Who's Responsible

Sony Hackers Demand 'The Interview' Be Canceled - or Else

Sony Says Hack Attack Is 'Unprecedented': Re/Code

'Righteous Deed': North Korea Praises Sony Pictures Cyberattack

'Threatening Emails' Sent to Sony Employees After Hack

Sony Hack Exposed 47,000 Social Security Numbers, Security Firm Says

Malware in Sony Hack Linked to 2013 Cyberattacks on South Korea: Re/code

Sony to Officially Name North Korea as Source of Hack Attack: Re/Code

FBI Warns of Destructive Malware in Wake of Sony Hack Attack


FBI Investigates Possible North Korea Link in Sony Hack

U.S. Officials Are Investigating North Korea in Sony Movie Hack

Sony's New Movies Leak Online Following Hack Attack