Full coverage of the tragedy off the coast of South Korea where hundreds of passengers en route to a tourist destination were on a ferry that capsized and sank at sea.


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Sewol Disaster: South Korea Jails Captain of Doomed Ferry for Life Sewol Disaster: South Korea Jails Captain of Doomed Ferry for Life Sewol Disaster: South Korea Jails Captain of Doomed Ferry for Life Sewol Disaster: South Korea Jails Captain of Doomed Ferry for Life

Doomed Ferry Captain's Sentence Upped to Life in Prison

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South Korea Plans to Raise 'Corroded' Sewol Ferry Year After Deadly Disaster

S. Korea Agrees to Raise Sunken Ferry After Disaster

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Sewol Ferry Anniversary: Fury and Grief Mark South Korea Memorials

Angry Kin Snub President on Ferry Disaster Anniversary


On First Anniversary of Sewol Tragedy, Plan To Raise Sunken Ferry

South Korea Ferry Disaster: Parents Toss Victims' Favorite Snacks Into Sea


South Korean Court Sentences Ferry Captain to 36 Years in Jail

South Korean Ferry Captain Sentenced to 36 Years in Prison

Divers Find Another Body Six Months After Sewol Ferry Disaster


South Korean Ferry Families Call for Maximum Sentences

South Korea Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Sewol Ferry Captain

South Korea Ferry Disaster Captain Apologizes for 'Grave Crime'

South Korea Ferry Survivors Say Classmates Saved Their Lives

South Korea Ferry Disaster Suspect Hid as Cops Searched Cabin

South Korean Police Confirm Fugitive Ferry Owner Found Dead

South Korea Ferry Disaster Survivors Demand Independent Inquiry


South Korea Ferry Survivors March For Truth


South Korea Ferry Survivors Return to School After Tragedy

South Korea Ferry Disaster Survivors Finally Return to School

Billionaire's 'Cult' Compound Stormed in South Korea Ferry Case

Crew of Doomed Sewol Ferry Goes on Trial in South Korea

South Korea Ups Reward for Tips on Mysterious Ferry Billionaire

South Korea Commune Combed for Founder Linked to Sewol Ferry

South Korean President to Break Up Coast Guard Over Ferry

South Korea Hunts for Company Boss in Ferry Disaster

Captain Who Fled South Korea Ferry Faces Murder Charge

Head of Company That Owned South Korean Sunken Ferry Detained

Divers Recover More Bodies in South Korean Ferry

Documents Show South Korea Ferry Was Routinely Overloaded

Divers Search New Rooms of Sunken Ferry, Find More Bodies

South Korea Ferry: Heartbreaking Video Shows Last Minutes Aboard


Jokes and Last Words As South Korean Ferry Sinks

Grieving Parents Jeer South Korea's President at Ferry Memorial

Miracles Are for Others: South Korea Grapples With Ferry Grief


Pizza and Soda: Families Leave Somber Offerings for Drowned Teens


Video Shows Captain Fleeing Sinking Ferry in Underwear

South Korea Prime Minister Quits Over Sunken Ferry in Symbolic Gesture

South Korea Prime Minister Offers Resignation in Ferry Disaster

Photos Show Harrowing Moments as South Korean Ferry Sank

Boy Who Raised Korea Ferry Alarm Had No Time to Call Parents

Last of Ferry's Steering Crew Arrested in Disaster Probe


South Korea Ferry Riddled With Faults, Investigators Say

South Korea Ferry's Life Rafts May Have Been Faulty: Prosecutors

South Korea Ferry Victim Mix-Ups Prompt DNA Tests


Bill Neely: Divers Face Grueling Task in Hunt for Bodies

South Korea Ferry Sank Within Sight of Land


Desperate Parents Travel to Sunken Ferry

Ferry Victims' Families Surround Officials, Demand Answers

South Korea Ferry Heartache: Pair Tied Life Jackets Together

South Korean Ferry Tragedy Spawned by Twists of Fate

South Korea Ferry Crew: We Were Ordered to Abandon Sinking Ship

South Korea Ferry Watchdog Raided in Corruption Probe


South Korea Ferry Was Severely Overloaded

South Korean Divers Banned From Ferry Search Slam Government


Students in South Korea Ferry Tragedy Mourned in Tribute

South Korea Ferry: Sunken Ship Was Overloaded, Prosecutors Allege

Broken Fingers Reveal South Korea Ferry Victims' Escape Bids

South Korea Ferry Disaster: Divers Feel for Bodies in Dark

South Korea Ferry Disaster: No Air Pockets Found on Doomed Ship


'Save Us': Boy Sends Ferry's First Distress Call


Sun Sets Over South Korea Ferry Disaster Site

Raising Sunken Ferry the Next Major Undertaking for Korean Officials

Boy's Phone Call Was First Sign of Korea Ferry Disaster

More Than 100 Confirmed Dead in Ferry Crash

'It's Like An Endless Wait': South Korea Ferry Toll Reaches 108

South Korean Ferry Families No Longer Hope for Miracles


'Murder': South Korea's President Criticizes Ferry Crew


Ferry Disaster Likely Won't Have Any More Survivors

South Korea Ferry Capsized After Turning At Speed: Prosecutors

South Korea President Condemns Crew of Sunken Ferry


Bill Neely Details Recovery Efforts for South Korean Ferry

South Korean Ferry: Captain Accused of 'Murderous Behavior'

Families Wait in Anguish for Recovery of Sunken Ferry Victims

Transcripts Show Confusion and Inaction as Korean Ferry Sank

Korean Gym Becomes Hothouse of Grief for Ferry Relatives

Korean Gym Becomes Hothouse of Grief for Ferry Relatives


South Korean Students Hold Vigil for Missing Ferry Passengers

Ferry Death Toll Climbs as Bodies Are Recovered

Family Members Refuse to Allow Cranes to Lift Sunken South Korean Ship

Sunken Ferry Relatives Offer DNA to Help ID Lost Children

Mate in Charge Of Doomed Ferry Was Steering Waters for First Time

'I Am Sorry': Ferry Captain Explains Delay in Evacuation

Divers Spot Three Bodies in Sunken South Korean Ferry


South Korea Ferry Captain Arrested

South Korean Ferry Captain Taken Into Custody

South Korea Ferry Survivors Comforted in Devastated Town

Did South Korea Ferry's Turn Cause Deadly Sinking?

South Korea Ferry: Air Pumped Into Submerged Wreck of Ship

False Hope: Ferry Relative Told Missing Aunt Was 'All Right'

South Korea Ferry: Authorities Seek Arrest Warrant for Captain

South Korea Ferry: 30-Minute Evacuation Delay Trapped Dozens

South Korea Ferry: Rescued Vice Principal Is Found Hanged

South Korea Ferry: 'The Neighborhood Is Like a Funeral Home'

Third Officer 'At the Helm' of Sinking Ferry: Official


Cell Phone Video Captures Sheer Terror on Ferry


A Glimmer of Hope for Trapped Ferry Passengers