Project Aims to Add Sound to Google Street View Maps

A U.K.-based hearing aid company has launched a project to let you hear the sounds of Google Street View.The project, called Sounds of Street View, is run by the U.K.'s Amplifon and aims to crowd-source sounds from around the world. Using Google's Street View programming interface, people and businesses will be able to place a sound as well as a location marker on the online map. The idea is that when web-users view a location on Street View, they'll get a "3D ambient sound" of their location. "The concept seems to have sparked people's imaginations, so hopefully we can start getting some great projects entered soon" Stephen Griffin ," a developer for Sounds of Street View, told CNBC via email. "Our hope is that we get some great 'everyday' soundscapes but also a few really out-there concepts too, such as the internal atmosphere from one of the many Street View stadiums around the world, or perhaps the underwater expeditions!"


--- Hamza Ali, special to