Relax! We Have Your Guide to a Tech-ed Out Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is a time to sit back, relax and enjoy your family and friends.... but that turkey isn't going to cook itself.

Thankfully, there are services and apps to help keep Thanksgiving stress from gobbling up your time and energy.

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Whether it's planning the big meal, cooking or dealing with tricky family dynamics, these tech tools will make sure you're covered.

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Thanksgiving in a Box

Thanksgiving is big business. Americans will spend a combined $2.8 billion on Thanksgiving meals this year, according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.

If spending time in long shopping lines at your local supermarket sends shivers down your spine, some websites are looking to make Thanksgiving dinner as easy as a single click. Food retailer Harry and David is offering a complete Thanksgiving dinner for $199.99 and includes a full turkey and all of the trimmings.

You don't have to drop some serious cash to get a stress free meal. Meal delivery service Plated is also offering a similar experience with smaller meals for a more intimate Thanksgiving dinner.

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Tech Support

Turkey troubles? New this year, you can text your turkey emergency to Butterball. The turkey company is encouraging customers to call 1-800-BUTTERBALL or text (844) 877-3456 with their turkey woes.

Spotify will also help you make sure you don't overcook your bird. The music streaming service is launching a turkey timer that will build you the perfect playlist as your bird cooks.

Simply input the weight of your turkey, select stuffed or unstuffed and then choose from six genres. Spotify will cook up the perfect playlist and will alert you when your bird may be ready.

Give Thanks For Apps

There's nothing more annoying than forgetting an important ingredient and having to make an emergency trip to the grocery store.

Before stocking up on grocery items, you may want to download "BigOven" which is a one-stop-shop featuring 350,000+ recipes, and can manage your grocery list.

We've covered the meal, but for some families, the most stressful part may be sitting down together to eat and trying to avoid any squabbling.

Family dynamics can be tricky every year, but after a contentious election, you may want to consider making a seating chart this year. Tablerrr is a free tool that helps you make seating arrangements that will hopefully foster a more peaceful and enjoyable Thanksgiving dining experience.