Afternoon MoJoe   |  December 12, 2013

Travel site aims to make your planning easier founder Ruzwana Bashir joins Morning Joe to discuss her travel concierge website, being a Forbes "30 Under 30: Technology" entrepreneur and the inspiration for the site.

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>>> with us now co-founder and ceo of, an online travel website . how did i do with your name

>> pretty well.

>> look at this.

>> look how old you are.

>> fast company's one of the most creative people in business.

>> she's been to 40 plus countries.

>> fulbright scholar .

>> so, tell us about this. we're going to exclude donny in this segment because nothing good comes out of talking to him. doesn't make eye contact. stay over here. so you talked about experiences. that's what your website is about. explain how people can share experiences and -- go.

>> is a one stop shop for travellers and locals for vies. if you want to go swimming with sharks or perhaps a spot of wine tasting in napa, mika, you can go to the site and discover great things to do and then book them online.

>> the difference between any other travel company or is you're selling it from a different angle. what made you think of this?

>> i went to istanbul and ended up spending about 20 hours planning a trip and all based on this stuff i was going to do. i found i want frustrating that figuring out what to do meant i had to read guide books, ask friends. really do a ton of digging. average person goes to about 22 websites when planning a trip.

>> instead go to

>> i just did new york. you got a pizza tour of new york, the met. this is very important for you donny. bar and cocktail limo tours.

>> chocolate and wine. and i don't have mike to take me around. i want to know a bar that has the most beautiful women. that's what i want to experience.

>> that's not what she sells.

>> there are some other sites that's involved in that but that's not

>> you go to craigslist. let me ask you about the origins. what dew point to do in istanbul before you decided, you know, to hone it down and come up with this idea. what did you end up doing in istanbul .

>> really what we're doing is making it easier to find the things you might want to do. instead of having you go through a lot of different sources and discover things some things you already know -- okay there are a couple of sites you want to see. and it's great to find things you didn't realize. now the process of doing that typically takes several hours of research. what we did with peek site we did everything with themes. what to do with kids or adventurous. we combined all the activities that are there with a diverse spectrum and help you fine them and easily book them.

>> so, mika, you got a question. while you're asking the question i want to show everybody the sipt because it's so user friendly . actually i'm dead serious. i'm going to use this site. you ask a question and we're going let's go paris. we'll see how this works.

>> the site and "your business" overall has some very high-profile backers the. what did you just do?

>> the cord went out. i'm sorry.

>> i have something tell you about.

>> nice promotion. i got a glitch. it's working.

>> today we launched the peek tours and activity app. one of the big thing i got from users they wanted to book activities on the going real-time. now can you go the app store , download the app and then you can look at things to buy with your mobile.

>> this is nbc thing. don't worry. it keeps happening to joe.

>> but the great thing sue really can. you go to the main page , it shows you all the cities you go to and then, again, for people that are busy --

>> after the fact you go duh how did someone not do this before.

>> we'll talk more in the afternoon mojo segment. check out our link on the home page for the web extra.

>> congratulations.

>> congratulations. fantastic.

>> up next the new project that former wall street executive alexis glick is we'll explain next on " morning joe ". thrusters