Alex Witt   |  March 23, 2013

Unseasonably cold temps persist across US

Spring is nowhere to be found as cold temperatures and snow persist across the U.S. NBC Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> is nowhere to be found. you really have to go down into the deep south to get anything warm. temperatures are going to stay well below average across most of the country. today you can see we're in the teens in billings. 23 right now in minneapolis. we are going to see a round of severe storms , especially later on tonight and into tomorrow morning . right now, we have frequent cloud-to-ground lightning across parts of northern alabama , that is moving towards atlanta. and that could create some travel troubles this morning, especially in and around atlanta airport . now we also have snow on the backside of this storm system. parts of denver, already picked up almost a half a foot of snow. and you can see the snow is still coming down across parts of the plains states where we do have winter storm warnings and advisories and winter weather watches stretching into illinois and indiana. we are looking at several inches of snow to fall between today and tomorrow. then it will eventually move into the mid-atlantic region and even into the northeast by monday. but look at those totals, about 6 to 12 inches across a good chunk of the middle of the country, from kansas city right over into ohio and west virginia , as well. temperatures today in chicago, about 36 degrees . that sets the stage for the snow tomorrow. and again, we could see some very strong storms, especially through the day today, into tonight, and on sunday down across the gulf coast . alex?

>> okay, dylan, thanks very much