Alex Witt   |  April 06, 2013

Nelson Mandela discharged from hospital

Former South African president Nelson Mandela is at home resting after being discharged from the hospital where he was being treated for a recurring lung infection and pneumonia. NBC's Ron Allen reports.

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>>> is at home now resting after being discharged from the hospital a little earlier today. mandela was being treated for a recurring lung infection and pneumon pneumonia. nbc's ron allen is there in south africa for us. ron, was this release expected? it seemed like he was getting all this treatment and then all of a sudden he's being released.

>> reporter: well, we've been hearing encouraging words in the past few days from his wife and from doctors and others speculating that things were improving. so it's not a big surprise that he was released now, but, of course, everything is very unpre2kik9abunpre unpredictable in this environment. he's 94 and will be 95 in july. every time it's happened, and it's happened three times in the past four months that he's gone to the hospital, there is a lot of tension, a lot of anxiety, a lot of worry about what his fate might be. this time was different, too. he was rushed to the hospital in the dead of night , and the government made no attempt as it has in the post to suggest this was a routine visit or this was something that was not serious. but, again, word has been trickling out in recent days that his condition was improving. that he was released was not a big surprise. still, he's receiving a lot of medical care at his home. his home, there are doctors here, we believe. there's a lot of advanced care possible here for him. so, again, we're not saying that he is -- we don't know a lot about his medical condition is the bottom line . this is not a question where doctors give press conferences and release details. we know he is better than he was when he went into the hospital but the bottom line is he's very frail. he's not been seen in public since about 2010 or so. people who have met with him say that he is at times not very present, that he's very forgetful, very frail individual, and, of course, here and around the world people continue to pray for his well-being.