Alex Witt   |  April 07, 2013

N. Korea warnings keep US, S. Korea on edge

North Korea continues to voice aggressive warnings toward the U.S. and South Korea, leaving both countries concerned over what may come next from North Korea. NBC's Peter Alexander reports.

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>>> defense official confirms that north korea has delayed a ballistic missile test. and soldiers are training there with military dogs. this video is being broadcast on north korea state tv. here's senator john mccain earlier today.

>> this is a serious situation, no doubt about it. south korea would win, we would win, if there's an all out conflict, but the fact is that north korea could set seoul on fire, and that would be a controversy of enormous proportions. i don't know what kind of game this young man is playing, it's obviously brinksmanship.

>> you could definitely hear urgency in senator john mccain 's voice from earlier this morning. we have heard from senior administration officials here at the white house saying they're are taking the threats from north korea alarming. and also we're hearing from south korea that say are saying that north korea might have some form of missile launch again this week. again this weekend, massive rallys, soldiers lining up as far as the eye can see, as the north korean regime threatens more. with pyongyang closing the border, more south koreans returned home saturday. but most foreign diplomats have chosen to stay, despite north korea 's warning that it can't guarantee their safety in the event of a conflict. the wild card experts insist remains kim jong -un, the north's untested young leader.

>> you got a lot of north korean troops right up against south korean troops and in the absence of hot lines and various other means of communication, you could have some incident.

>> white house officials describe the north korean regime as deliberate and provocative. the obama administration is increasingly leaning on china, north korea 's closest ally. two u.s. destroyers are already in place. it's a delicate balance, china has routinely frustrated the u.s. in its dealings with north korea in the past. but the white house says it's optimistic china's position is evolving. and heading to that region, secretary of state john kerry with stops scheduled in seoul and beijing late next week. in hopes of preventing a further crisis.

>> and a meeting was scheduled to take places between here and washington. the chairman of our joint chiefs martin democrat -- top military leader in south korea means that rising tensions means he really needs to stay at home right now.