Alex Witt   |  April 07, 2013

Obama wants to send astronauts to an asteroid by 2025

NBC's Peter Alexander gives an update from Washington, D.C. on the White House's budget battle and space exploration plan.

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>>> p.m. here in the east.

>>> republicans are weighing in on the president's proposed budget today, here's senator lindsay gram on "meet the press."

>> the house just passed a budget, the senate passed a about. the hope is that those can come together and work to try to find a compromise. the president's focus in addition to the regular order process that congress says they want is to try to find a caucus of common sense, folks who are willing to compromise, who don't think compromise is a dirty word to try to get something done.

>> as a new republican, you're putting that on the table?

>> if we do a three-year entitlement plan, this is a step in the right direction.

>> well, nbc's peter alexander is at the white house , peter, with a good sunday to you, we have the president's senior advisor talking about the budget as we heard there. talk about what both are saying, put it in perspective?

>> reporter: to give you a better understanding of this, we're not going to know the specifics until wednesday when the white house puts out the plan in its entirety. but you see the -- early republican criticism suggesting that the president is holding entitlement reform hostage so that he can get more taxes which house republicans specifically have said is a no-go situation right now. the president would not enact the romney economic plan. he said that lost out during the election, that's not the direction that the white house is follow going forward right now. they're trying to insist, this white house is, that it has to be a balanced approach, that for any new spending, there will be some cuts as well. but where those two meet, that's obviously what they're fighting over at this point.

>> peter, we talk about the budget here, but let's also talk about the white house ing about this space asteroid.

>> i'm not a physicist, so i have to make sure i go to my notes. but according to some of my colleagues, this would effectively accomplish the president's goal of trying to send humans to visit an asteroid by 2025 at a more cost effective and a quicker time frame than some other scenarios. the estimated total mission is $2.6 billion, with a b, but the white house insists it could be closer to $1 billion or about 100 million each year for the next decade if they take into account some of the other -- within about a deck indicate from now there may be humans and asteroids in the united states is something that some people will find pretty remarkable.

>> at least we're going to go and have a friendly relationship with that asteroid, it