Alex Witt   |  April 07, 2013

Kerry gets emotional while mourning Americans killed in Afghanistan

As Sec. of State John Kerry remembers a 25-year-old diplomat killed in Afghanistan, NBC's Ron Mott reports from Kabul on the deadliest day of the year for Americans in the country.

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>>> welcome back to weekend with alex wilt in the wake of the deadliest day of the year for americans in afghanistan . secretary of state john kerry is calling out the terrorist attackers and he gets emotional remembering those killed including without warning a young diplomat. ron mott is joining us from kabul and yet another reminder of the dangers in afghanistan ?

>> reporter: yeah, absolutely, good afternoon, alex. this was an especially deadly weekend not only for u.s. forces and coalition forces and afghan people as well. the attack yesterday was on a convoy of both afghan and coalition members, the 25-year-old american diplomat was on a convoy, they were on their way to a school to deliver books to children. she had taken part in this program of delivering books to schools around the country. she came from afghanistan last july from venezuela, she came into the foreign service right out of college and john kerry had this to say about her.

>> ann was everything that is right about our foreign service . she was smart and capable, committed to our country. i had the privilege of meeting her just a few days ago when i was in afghanistan , she was part of my team. and she was someone who worked hard and put her life on the line so that others could live a better life .

>> reporter: she was also very well known and very well liked at the nbc bureau here in kabul and getting to snow some of the staff members here so there's a sense of a heavy heart around here as well. general martin dempsey was here trying to get a sense of how many u.s. forces need to be here into 2014 . but we do expect to see u.s. forces on the ground through 2014 and beyond, we just don't know how many exactly.

>> i understand that senator kerry reached out to ann's family, is that true?

>> he called them before he announced her name publicly. saying how much she loved doing the job she was doing here in afghanistan , trying to help these young people find their way to a better life . so the sense of loss for her family is heavy along with all of her cohorts and colleagues here in afghanistan .

>> yeah, understandable.