Alex Witt   |  April 27, 2013

Mississippi man arrested in ricin case

The FBI arrested Tupelo, Miss., resident Everett Dutschke in connection to the ricin-laced letters sent to President Obama and two other officials, police said Saturday. NBC News’ Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> an arrest in tupelo, mississippi , in connection to the investigation with poison letters sent to president obama . kristin, with a good afternoon to you, what can you tell us about these new developments?

>> reporter: good afternoon, alex . the fbi has confirmed that this afternoon special agents arrested 41-year-old everett dutschke who is a martial arts instructor in tupelo, mississippi . no word on what specific charges can or will be filed. according to local officials, they say this arrest is in connection with the investigation into those ricin-laced letters that were sent to president obama and members of congress. i can tell you, alex , i have been talking to our local affiliate in mississippi who says that his home, dutschke's home, was searched by investigators on tuesday and wednesday of this week. so this arrest comes after that. now, of course, if you will recall, this past tuesday prosecutors dropped charges against elvis impersonator paul kevin curtis . they thought he was behind the letters. he declared his innocence all along, and so this past tuesday they did drop the charges against him. now, just for some background, alex , this all relates to those ricin-laced letters that were addressed to president obama and to a republican of mississippi , senator roger wicker . those letters were intercepted though. they were intercepted at off-site mail facilities. so to be very clear, they never got close to their intended targets, but given the timing of this, this happened just really a few days after the boston bombing, it certainly added to the heightened anxiety and alert here in the nation's capital. so at this point in time there is another person in custody, but, again, no word on charges. we are hoping to get more information a little bit later on today.

>> i want to double-check, is this the man who -- he disappeared for a while but was allegedly still cooperating with police. is this the same guy?

>> reporter: yes. that is what my understanding is. he has been cooperating with police and, again, remember, they searched his home tuesday and wednesday of this week. so he was taken into custody, and the fbi stressed without incident. it doesn't appear as though he put up a fight today, but, again, we are still just learning sort of bits and pieces about this arrest. so we're hoping to get a little bit more information from the authorities down in mississippi . alex ?

>> okay. the interrogation here will be very, very interesting to hear the results of that. thank you very much.