Alex Witt   |  April 27, 2013

Where did the Tsarnaev brothers get their money?

Boston Globe reporter Michael Rezendes joins MSNBC’s Alex Witt and talks about the Tsarnaev brothers and how they attained the funds to carry out their terror plots.

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>>> the more we learn about the boston marathon bombing, the more new questions are raised. where did the suspects' money come from? and what went on in the car they hijacked before their confrontation with the police ? joining me now is boston globe investigative reporter michael razendies. welcome back to the program. i'm curious where the guys were getting their money. it appears the parents didn't have much at all. students say dzhokhar drove around a bmw.

>> i think actually the opposite is probably the reality. we don't know for certain whether the tsarnaev brothers received any assistance, but it's looking more and more like the bombing of the boston marathon was an example of homegrown terrorism on a budget, if you will. i mean, each of these bombs could have been made for under $100 with commonly available components, pressure cooker stuffed with ball bearings and nails and commonly available explosive material. s about we know now when they staged their haphazard escape, they were broke. they had no money. furthermore, we know a lot now about how they were living, and while dzhokhar did seem to have more money than his older brother, the fact of the matter is he was a scholarship student at umass dartmouth and i think that's where a lot of his funds came from. we know fromself source that is he was a marijuana dealer. so i think his money was coming from dealing marijuana and the scholarship money he had.

>> yeah. any idea how -- how did tamerlan fund the six months in russia last year?

>> that i don't know. that's more of a bit of a mystery. maybe he had family connections over there and as i said, we're not certain whether there was any outside assistance offered to these two or not. but he obviously had family connections over there. we're not certain how he funded that, but we know he was a stay-at-home dad and living off his wife's salary as a home health care worker.

>> okay. your colleague, eric moskowitz, has an article where he interviewed the carjacking victim danny . it's fascinating. some of the stuff they were talking about, they're talking about girls, credit limits for students, the marvels of the mer mercedes-benz ml 350. it seems to teenage normal.

>> eric did write a terrific story. i think as he said, a lot of this was reminiscent of a quinton tarantino movie with these humorous remarks these guys were making about music and girls. what's really remarkable is after the bombing, there's a growing pile of evidence that suggests they were utterly casual about what they had done, just going about leading their routine lives. it's quite amazing.

>> absolutely amazing. you have to wonder if that's going to play into the cold-hearted interpretation of dzhokhar's actions as he's the only one who survived this. when danny , and this is not his real name , but sort of his american name, when he escaped, he called the cops immediately. he was critical to the police locating the brothers, wasn't he? and if so, how?

>> well, i'm not sure i understand that you mean he was critical of the police locating the brothers.

>> he had an iphone. didn't he leave that iphone in the car and, if so, if it was on, the ping, couldn't the cops trace that?

>> well, that's how they found them was because of the cell phone . so, in fact, i think he did the right thing and it was leaving the cell phone behind that allowed the police to pick up the brothers, absolutely, yeah. but i don't think that he was critical to my knowledge of the police . i think the police were grateful that he did the right thing --

>> i'm sorry. i meant critical to the police 's investigation. i'm sorry if that came out wrong. i don't believe he was critical of the police and i apologize if i didn't say that right. the article notes that the police had danny then go and do this drive-by lineup after he escaped to try to identify the suspects that they detained. do we have any idea who those people were or what they were doing at the time?

>> no, we don't. i think when we reported that, it was the first i learned of that. i don't think we have any more detail on that, but it is very interesting.

>> yeah. there have been suggestions that this was not an operation conducted exclusively by these two men. is there anything in the investigation at this point that gives any concrete evidence to that fact?

>> i have not seen any, and i have not heard any. it's not to say it didn't happen, but, again, you know, it looks like very home grown kind of operation. was there outside assistance? perhaps. did tamerlan receive some instructions when he was in russia? perhaps. but again, this looks very, very home grown , very low budget operation, and not very well planned out when it came to the escape, that's for sure.

>> yeah. okay, bostmichael, thank you.

>> sure.