Alex Witt   |  April 28, 2013

Amanda Knox opens up about experiences in Italian prison

Author of “Fatal Gift of Beauty” about Amanda Knox’s time in Italy, Nina Burleigh, talks to MSNBC’s Alex Witt. She discusses Knox’s new book “Waiting to be Heard” and Knox’s disconcerting experience with the Italian justice system.

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>>> now to the trial that captivated italy and the book being released. amanda knox "waiting to be heard" she found out next month she will be retried.

>>> joining my nina burly, whose own book chronicled her time. nina , nice to see you. she reveals during her time in prison that doctors lied that she was hiv-positive. she thought about suicide. she fought off advances by a guard. how important to you think it was for her to write this book and get this published?

>> well, it was important for her to get out of jail. i think that was the first thing. the second is what kind of information is in that book, what is it that we're going to learn. from all the accounts that i have read, you know, prison is pretty boring, it's a pretty boring place. so unless she had kind of revealed something about what happened that night that we didn't already know about, or something about the case itself that we didn't already know about, i think we were, you know, we're going to be kind of underwhelm underwhelmed. was it important to write the book? well, you know, for her to have gone through four years in prison without being ability to get compensated for it through the italian system, the fact that harper collins gave her $4 million to write it, reportedly, is some sense of compensation for the time spent in prison.

>> but we have to also remember that a young woman lost her life that day in italy of knox says he wants them to read the book. are they going to get something if they read the book?

>> they're not going to get anything from reading the book, as far as i can tell. that family is very convinced that amanda knox killed their daughter. so they're not going to be reading the book. i think they're very upset about the fact that she got that much money, and one of the reasons why they're not publishing the book in the uk is that there are apparently lots of libel laws, it's easier to file a libel suit there, so they're not going to be satisfied by it.

>> real quick, nina , were you surprised when the high court in italy ordered a retrial?

>> yes, i was, absolutely. i was surprised. there isn't a lot of evidence that these two young people were involved in the case, but then again, the italian system has to work its way through. it's different from ours. it's legitimate for them. the prosecutor can bring an appeal.