Alex Witt   |  May 04, 2013

Rendell explains where he thinks Obama is going wrong on gun control

In today’s "Office Politics," Alex Witt speaks with former Pennsylvania Governor and MSNBC colleague, Ed Rendell. He opines why President Obama will not be a "lame duck" during his second term and where the President is going wrong on the issue of gun control. Former Governor Rendell also shares how he became such a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan.

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>>> conversation with former pennsylvania governor and msnbc analyst ed rendell . alex finds out what prompted the governor to become such a huge philadelphia phillies fan and where he thinks the president went wrong on the issue of gun control . but first the governor tells alex why he thinks the president won't be a lame duck during his second term.

>> the president's greatest skill so far has been to rouse the american public and he can do that as well in his last year in office as he can in his first year in office, and remember in his last year in office, a third of the senate and all of the congress will be running, too. so if he has a good proposal and they don't move on it, it's at their peril, too. lame duck is as lame duck acts, and i think -- i don't know president obama well. i know him a little bit. i don't think he's going to be a lame duck in his own mind for any day of the eight years.

>> well, and then you've got the 2004 midterms. let's say the democrats hold onto the senate and should they take control of the house, then what?

>> can he bar the door? then the president will be able to get pretty much his whole agenda done in the last two years. who knows how the 2014 election will turn out. it's 17 months away.

>> and 17 seats the dem would say have to pick up in the house.

>> and we have a harder time in the senate where the 11 seats that are most in jeopardy are democratic and where a lot of those incumbent senators have chosen not to run, but the president's got to find a way, there's some issue that is can't wait until 2015 . even if you told me i looked in the crystal ball and democrats are going to control the entire congress in 2015 , so you don't have to worry. we need to do an immigration bill before 2015 . we need to do an energy bill before 2015 . we sure as heck need to do something on guns before 2015 and most of all we need to do something on the debt and deficit way before 2015 .

>> you know, i'm curious, you bring up guns. even this relatively small measure on gun control , universal background checks , it fails. should the president have used a little more political capital on that, especially since several senate democrats voted against it?

>> yeah. i'm amazed, and i thought the president did a great job in engaging the public on the issue, but he didn't do a good job in dealing with, first of all, his own party. heidi heitkamp , bring her in. talk to her. show her the polls again. she knows them. 94% of north dakotans were for universal background checks .

>> what's the deal with you being such a big philadelphia eagles fan? aren't you a native new yorker?

>> i was, and ironically i never stepped food in fifth until my freshman year in penn. i never even came down here when i was looking at schools, and we were there for orientation week and it was like tuesday through sunday, and i'm sleeping in my dorm room and sunday around 11:45 , i had been out late the night before --

>> oh, really?

>> and at about 11:45 or 12:00 noon i literally was jolted from my bed. i thought, my god, there's no earthquakes in philadelphia. well, my dorm was a block away from franklin field where the eagles played, and this was the first eagles game of the season, and there were 70,000 people in franklin field a block away, and the eagles had just run on the field and the recognize was unbelievable.

>> wow.

>> and i fell in love with the passion of the eagles fans.

>> tomorrow at this time governor rendell talks about his future in politics and shares the one high-profile job he would consider and ultimately accept.