Alex Witt   |  May 12, 2013

Ice sheet creeps ashore in Minnesota

A creeping wave of ice comes ashore on the banks of a lake in Minnesota.

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>>> to the weather, it looks like special effects , but it's not. we have strong winds in minnesota. it's pushing sheets of ice onto the shore. look at that. damage is already being reported. take a listen.

>> there it goes. oh, my god, their door's in.

>> it's moving as fast as two feet a minute. dyl dyl dylan dreyer is here with more.

>> they had it period of gusty winds up to around 40 miles per hour crossing over the lake for a long period. that would create large waves, these waves have the melting i'd still on it. that's why the waves came on shore, some records said it just sounded like cracking glass outside now the windsing are easing, and the waves aren't as much of as issue.

>>> a bizarre situation, used to it out that way, and temperatures actually will still be on the cool side, where the cool air is working back in. 48 degrees right