Alex Witt   |  May 12, 2013

Would adults choose moms or dads to move in with?

Authors and Today Show producers, Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner, join Alex Witt in studio this Mother’s Day. They explain why adults would choose their moms over their dads to move in with them and talk about their book, "SH*TTY MOM: THE PARENTING GUIDE FOR THE REST OF US."

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>>> just in time for mother's day, a -- don't want their parents moving in with them, but this they had to choose, a staggering 67% would choose mom over dad. so to discuss this topic as well as the best-selling book, these with me right now. my friends as well a "today" show producers. hi, you guys.

>> this absolutely cracked me up. talk about the reasons why --

>> adults over 40 were polled. about 1100 of them. if one of your parents had to come in and move in with it, which one would it bet, why?

>> she cook, cleans, i say sign me up.

>> maybe we're not in our 40s yet, but what do we do?

>> i need someone to help me out.

>> we need wives ourselves. why not mom be that person?

>> i'm going to be the one to bear the bad news with the dads. here's what they had about the dads that they would say inpropose things.

>> but mary ann , you moved your step dad in with you for a while.

>> my dad was working here no hurricane sandy. he stayed with us about two months. i have to say hi carbon footprint was about this big. he did clean. he went and bought some groceries, super helpful with the kids. he had are a car. my mother shows up halfway through his visit, you know, and her carbon footprint is basically took up an entire city block . so even though she's very helpful -- happy mother's day -- she haus a bigger footprint. my dad was super, super messy, do i so --

>> you can see both sides of that equation here.

>> this book continues to sell like hot cakes. i love the title, into you if everyone looks closely, we say -- there's another thing implied there, but it's so fun.

>> clearly not "shodd ygs." it's been amazing. what we're hearing from molt all over is the main message about the book. it's about giving yourself a break and not trying to be perfect. just have fun, be your best and know at the end of the day your kids will be all right.

>> stressed-out moms, what's the advice you give them? you do have vignettes in the book. i'm a full-time working mom. it's hard.

>> >> we say don't apologize. if you love to go exercise. if you need to log yourself in the bathroom and read " us weekly " or "people," find something that will help you recharge. we are all better moments in the end. whatever you need, find it and don't apologize for us.

>> which is our motto.

>> a happy mom is a happy home .

>> so, mom, take this advice. i love that you said happy mom's day to your mom.