Alex Witt   |  May 25, 2013

What it was like interviewing Jodi Arias

NBC’s Diana Alvear joins Alex Witt to talk about her face-to-face interview with Jodi Arias.  Diana offers her impression of Arias during her forty-minute interview. She discusses Arias’ inauthenticity and how she did not seem too remorseful. Diana gives Alex her Hertz rental car anecdote and the ubiquity of the Jodi Arias Case.

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>>> the retrial in the penalty phase is not expected to start until july 18th but the convicted killer wants to set the record straight and on wednesday she sat down for a face-to-face with diana avular.

>> i think the difference is that i am not -- i'm not still lying about lying. i've lied. that was years ago. and whether or not it's believable to the public is not important to me. i just need to go forward. that's all i can do.

>> and diana is joining me to talk about this interview. a welcome to you. i'm curious about your impression of this woman.

>> well, alex, thanks for having me on. i have to tell you my very first impression about her was, this was a 40-minute long interview and she had the most incredible emotional control i've ever seen on anyone i've ever interviewed. she kept a straight face when i even looked at her point blank and said, you killed him. she did not deny it and was able to talk about it at length. the one time she had a flicker of something across her eyes was when i said to her, did you commit a crime? and she just stared at me for about four or five seconds and then just said, you know, i don't think i should answer that.

>> that's interesting.

>> i was surprised at that.

>> i want to play a little bit about what she said. when you asked her about the reports that she contemplated suicide, let's listen to this.

>> was it guilt, remorse?

>> that was certainly an element. guilt, remorse, just i've completely f up my life and i think i'll be doing everyone a favor.

>> does she seem remorseful to you, genuinely so?

>> no, she didn't. i think that's the impression i came away with was she was very careful with the kind of words she chose. she rarely said anything about travis alexander's family and i found that a little unsettling considering this is man she murdered, butchered, slit his throat, shot him and never mentions his family unless i directly brought it up and to me that just didn't seem very remorseful at all. it was a little bit disturbing, to be honest.

>> here's what she said about what she called about the memory gaps about what happened that night. let's listen.

>> i don't believe that travis deserved to die. i don't recall -- i do have memory gaps and i wish that i could take back everything that happened. i never believed that he deserved to die. i flashed and i reacted and here i am and a lot of people have been hurt in the process and if i could take that back, i would do that in a second.

>> okay. given all the discussion about what happened and the pictures, the photographs, everything that was introduced in evidence in the courtroom, do you think she really doesn't remember it?

>> okay, alex, here's the problem, first of all, that's what she said during that answer but then later on i asked her, do you ever relive what happened that day and she said, oh, yes, all the time. and she said, all the time, i dream about it. i don't always remember my dreams but i dream about it. so what's the answer? and she demuired on that answer and didn't want to answer it. the other part about it is, she was on the stand for 18 days. 18 days where she's recounting this incident over and over and over again and she said she can't remember, she had memory gaps and at other times she was full of details about exactly how it went down. so again, a little bit difficult to know what to believe when it comes to jodi arias.

>> can i just ask you, we were talking during a commercial break. can you share with the viewers here, your hertz rental car anecdote? i was like, wow.

>> i've been covering this trial for several weeks and they've come to know me at the rental place and i saw somebody i knew there and we started chatting and i mentioned that i had spoken to jodi arias and suddenly business stopped and six people came over to me and were peppering me with questions, what did she like? did she have any remorse? did you believe anything that she was saying? this is the kind of case that has really gripped a lot of people in this country and it was so interesting that they all wanted to hear what it was like to interview jodi arias. and the other thing that is interesting, this is a case that has taken over social media . i've never seen anything like it. i covered casey anthony and the big difference here is that i had so many interactions with people on twitter, many of them people that felt very emotionally tied to this case. the moment i tweeted that i was interviewing jodi arias, people were telling me that i was as bad as she was, how dare we give her more air time . it's a lot of emotion that has come up because of this case, all because of this one woman.

>> yeah, it is an extraordinary thing that has really gripped this country. thank you for sharing us your experience. we appreciate it.

>> thanks.