Alex Witt   |  May 26, 2013

Three more arrests relating to British soldier's death

British authorities are still piecing together how many people may have been involved in the killing of a soldier earlier this week. NBC's Martin Fletcher reports.

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>>> three more arrests in connection with the gruesome murder of an off-duty soldier on a london street in broad daylight. officials and religious leaders are also calling for calm after protests and escalating threats begins muslims. the two men who attacked him justified the attack for retaliation for military deployments in muslim nations. offi officer rigby's widow who arrived to lay down wreaths and flowers for the slain soldier. mar martin fletcher joins me with the very latest from london . first to the arrest today. what do you know about that, martin?

>> reporter: alex , it was a 22-year-old young man from north london arrested. armed police went into his house. he has not yet been charged apparently, in the same way as up to eight people have been arrested in the last few days since the killing. none yet have been charged. the key question the police are addressing and they've appealed for help from the public in pursuing this is the main question they're facing was this a conspiracy or was this a lone act by these two suspected killers? that's the key question scotland yard is facing at the moment and they are appealing for help. they are examining cc it tv footage. they have forensic evidence. according to witnesses collecting as much cell phone footage as they can. it's still very early stages, they say. the police at least say the investigation is proceeding well, alex .

>> yeah, and the two suspects that were arrested, what do we know about their background, the extent to which they had been flagged by security.

>> reporter: well, this is another key question. the british parliament is getting involved. the committee with oversight of the british secret services have said they want a clear investigation. it does appear that both men were on the watch list of the secret services and have been for a number of years. and the claim by one person who was then arrested after he appeared on the bbc a couple days ago after his interview, he said in his interview that the -- that one of the suspected murderers, the man seen on film with blood on his hands, he said he had been approached by the secret services and asked to work for them a few years ago, and he said that this man said no. now his family members have repeated that claim in the last couple of days. there's another piece -- interesting piece of information is that this young man was seen a couple years ago in kenya arrested by the kenyans apparently on his way to somalia with other people. he was leading, so the kenyan police say, the group of young men who were going to go to somalia to join al qaeda . he was then deported back to britain. the question is, if so much was known about him and he was so suspicious, how come the police weren't keeping a closer eye on him? of course the police say, and in all fairness it's true, there are thousands of people who fit that description. and that's the danger.

>> which is frightening right there. may we quickly talk about what happened right on the helts heels of this in france, a french soldier attacked with a knife, he got stabbed in the neck. he was just on patrol. is there any connection, anything there or is it just another sort of attack maybe inspired?

>> reporter: well, you know, obviously it's very suspicious and the timing is very suspicious and the british police warned about the so-called -- possible so-called copycat attacks. of course they were presume play talking about britain. now this happened in france. was it a copycat attack? did it follow on the heels of the british one where they inspired? we don't know. the french police say they're investigating. they don't know yet of any connection but the attack was very similar. a soldier on patrol attacked from behind by a man with a knife who in that case ran away and has not yet been found, alex .

>> martin fletcher , thank you very much, from london .