Alex Witt   |  June 15, 2013

Latest 'Superman' earned more than $160 million through product placement

The latest Superman movie “Man of Steel” earned more than $160 million through product placement. Brian Balthazar, editor at joins MSNBC’s Alex Witt to discuss the marketing technique.  He mentions that they paid for more than half of the film through product placement and how placement almost paid for the film in its entirety. 

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>>> too soon to know how much man of steel will bring in but chances are producers aren't concerned. that's because before a ticket was sold the franchise raked in $160 million through product placement . hello to you bryan. good to see you.

>> thank you.

>> what's the story here. i want to point out nokia is like a hundred sponsors for man of steel. that set a record.

>> that's a lot. they paid for more than half the film through product placement . it's a lot. they triy eied to work it in organically. can you blame them because in this weekend alone it's already made about 56 million. plus 160 to 170 million in product placement . they have practically paid for the film in just a few days.

>> it cost about $225 million to make. can i get my director to put back up the list of sponsors. is there a sense it's excessive? look at this.

>> a little. it's a lot. i think some of the reaction to it will be generational. when you think about someone maybe from 17 to 25, they probably -- they're probably more used to it than people that are older. the younger people are kind of thinking this is just the way it is. it's interesting they try to work it into the story as much as possible like superman's earth mother works at sears. you see them a lot. there's an i hop in there and clark kent 's glasses. why not have a product placement . they are seizing every opportunity. if you were offered a house and pay for half of it by having logos all over it, would you do it? this is a business. they're trying to make more money. in two weeks without those product placements would probably have paid for it any way.

>> i'm going to ask you, does it bother you? do you feel it's excessive?

>> it does bother me a bit. thing like this can be don organically. there a lot of films that do. this if we didn't see any brands in a street scene , that would be a a little inauthentic but to overload us with brand names throughout is a little excessive. there may be a tipping point where people say enough is enough. truthfully there's so many brands out there and these companies are tlog pay just for the awareness of their brand being in a movie.

>> now it's kind of the new norm. all right. good