Alex Witt   |  July 13, 2013

Is 'Sharknado' like Congress?

Democratic strategist Emily Tisch Sussman, Republican strategist Susan DelPercio, and Patricia Murphy from Citizen Jane Politics discuss how Syfy's "Sharknado" can be compared to Congress.

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>>> russian immigration officials say today edward snowden has not yet sent them a request for asylum. he made his first appearance yesterday meeting with human rights groups at the airport. he seays he wants to stay in russia until he can make it to south america . he remains in the airport in today's no man land. mpblt texas abortion fight, sharknado equals congress and best week, worst week. let's bring in our strategist. good to see you. emily, we'll start with you. first to texas abortion. the fight that's happening now despite wendy davis 's famous filibuster. the texas state senate passing one of the most restrictive bills in the country. it requires doctors to have admitting privileges and requires all abortions to take place in surgical centers. republicans say it protects the health of women and babies. emily, what do you say?

>> this is not about health. this is about politics. this is about legislative morality and limiting abortions for women that live in rural areas and women that are low incomes. the restrictions around what it will require for an abortion clinic to operate, there's 42 that are operating. it will limit them down to five. there are plenty of groups that are saying this is unconstitutional and mounting challenges against it. this is about politics. this is about rick perry calling the texas legislature into its second special session and trying to keep this going.

>> does this narrative help republicans when we think back to 2012 when this was one of the major discussions had?

>> there's two issues at hand. one is part of the legislation that would ban abortion after 20 weeks which now according to a lot of surveys nationally people are opposed to. that's one. the other, and i think the more significant issue is the funding for the ability to have abortions at these clinics. to take away for the ability for the clinics to function is taking away the right to choose for many women.

>> what's your thought here. texas governor rick perry said he was going to sign the bill. he called the second special session . as he looks toward 2016 , how does he put the two sides together as he tries to get middle america to vote for him.

>> he has to get through the prima primary. pr the primary this is perfect politics. the polling on abortion has changed significantly over the last 15 years. a majority of americans also don't favor abortion after 20 weeks. i think on the politics for him it's probably a pretty good move. i think for the politics for republicans though they have handled this issue very poorly over the last two years. it got them into a ton of trouble. you can't have panels of all men deciding what women will do. you can't have bills that are passing that most americans don't agree with in terms of requiring women to have ultrasounds. the politics are good for perry but i think republicans are on very dangerous ground fast break they continue to handle the abortion issue they have in the last two years.

>> we have to go to something you have a fondness for. you were treating earlier on sharknado. does that equal congress ? we're talking about that new scy-fi movie. he's a little bit of it.

>> shark. what are we going to do?

>> there's too many of them. we're going to need a bigger chopper.

>> that's a movie. patricia you tweeted on this. is congress like sharknado? is it like the worst disaster movie ever?

>> i think the difference is that people loved sharknado and everybody hates congress . people accomplished something in sharknado and very few people accomplish something in congress . there was an interesting column in the washington post that said washington journalism session shows how disconnected they are from reality. there's probably a lot of underlying reality in that. i think it was a lot of fun to watch. it was absolutely horrible but it admitted it was horrible and congress makes no such admission. they think it's pretty great.

>> i'm staring at the screen here.

>> you can't stop watching. is it a lot like washington, d.c. now, just a mess?

>> it's definitely a total mess. look at the way the farm bill was passed this week through the house. no compromise. the republicans and the house won't discuss compromise at all. it's about my way or the highway. i have to say that i love the way that sharknado just captured the entire police class. donna brazile hot on the sharknado tweeting. i talked to a political power couple and they were like we can't stop. we know these bills are moving. we had to watch sharknado.

>> i guess it's a bit of escapism or some parallelism?

>> i think more people would like to see sharknado than congress in action because they have no faith whatsoever. sharknado seems to be more popular entertainment for them.

>> fun to watch as all four can agree upon right now. stand by. a governor working for free makes the big three best and worst of the week, all three, come back in just a