Alex Witt   |  July 20, 2013

Is Hollywood suffering from 'Blockbuster fatigue'?

Regina Lewis breaks down the week’s "3 Big Money Headlines" with MSNBC’s Alex Witt including the housing market, Hollywood, and Barbie.

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>>> three big money headlines. back flippers, blockbuster grid lock, fading barbies. joining me now is regina lewis . beginning with the housing market here, house flipping, is that back? what does it mean?

>> it means buying and selling within a six-month window. home prices are up 12%, so you have margins to work with. the new average gain is $18,000. john poulsen said he thinks real estate remains one of the best investments you can make. buy a home. the second best investment, buy a second home. he explained it this way. say a house was $100 and you put 20% down. if a year later it was worth $112, you have made 60% on that $20 that you put up. how also are you going to make 60%.

>> good point. what about hollywood. hollywood is losing millions this summer. they are saying it's of their own making. why?

>> well, they are saying they crowded themselves out. it's called blockbuster fatigue. the movies that cost more than 100 million to produce. just too many of them, alex. they're crowding things out. pacific rim , white house down, lone ranger . it doesn't have broader ramifications within the movie industry . so the movie theaters themselves are doing a-okay. they don't care with the studios have to write off the losses. they're still selling popcorn and the seats are still full. the movie seats and theaters up 14%. some of the studios, when they flop they flop big. barbie, flopping here a little bit? on the losing end of the popularity contest.

>> you know, she's had a great run. 54 years. but four consecutive quarters of slowing growth. this is a fascinating and smart move by mattel. who is she displaced by? goth barbies. they have a little vampire theme going on. tag lines make your dreams come true is make your fears come true. there's interactive components. instead of a yearbook there's a fear book. you get the idea. a lot of components is certainly a toy trend. and the industry is going online. as kids become more tech savvy. and overall age compression. kids outgrowing toys faster.

>> i think kids are just cooler. it's true. it is the way kid are. thank you so much