Alex Witt   |  July 27, 2013

Deadly clashes spread overnight in Egypt

NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin updates Alex Witt on the latest in the deadly clashes in Egypt.

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>>> in egypt, dozens are dead, thousands more injured after overnight clashes between sea supporters and the military. this is the latest. we are in cairo with the very latest. what's going on? lots of clashes and certainly fatalities to report.

>> reporter: that's correct. good morning, alex. in fact, what began last night as a relatively peaceful protest ended in a huge discrepancies in the death toll . when we start with the numbers, 21 were killed between police and supporter of the ousted president. a loose organization of supporters of the president who have been staging this said the death toll is 120. it shows there are still dozens of bodies inside the official morgue wait to be shipped to the morgues across the city. we expect numbers to increase, perhaps somewhere in the middle of the two figures. what happened was this sit-in, largely stationary, parts of it attempted to move to a part of cairo. that's when the police engaged them. the police say they only fired tear gas . but that seems very hard to believe given the wounds and casualties we are hearing from liveness witnesses showing many more injuries than tear gas ill hailation. what happened over the course of the day were the types we saw in alexandria. that even changed over the course of the evening between supporters and opponents. all of it came on a day when they asked supporters to go to the streets and ask solidarity with with the country's army. that caught a lot of people by spraoeufplts many skeptics felt this was a license by the military to break up some of what we have seen across the country.

>> thanks for bringing us the wrap on that. the battle