Alex Witt   |  July 27, 2013

Star Jones reveals her favorite professional experiences

In Part I of "Office Politics," Alex Witt speaks with co-host of TODAY'S Professionals, Star Jones. Jones said, “I’ve never met anyone as arrogant as Anthony Weiner, and  that is saying something.” Witt spent time in Jones' office at the National Association for Professional Women, where she revealed that co-hosting The View stands out as one of her favorite professional experiences. She also admits to utilizing  Celebrity Apprentice to “pimp a media platform” for the American Heart Association.

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>> co-host star jones spent time in her office for professional women this week where she knitted her many hats. star shares her opinions. so this week i asked about new york mayor candidate anthony weiner .

>> what's in the papers these last couple of days is shocking to the system. i shouldn't know about my mayoral's sexual fantasy life p. i have never seen so much arrogance. even with this lack of judgment you could be the mayor of the largest city in the united states of america and carry the weight we need through the next fiscal crisis, the infrastructure that needs to be rebuilt. all the issues new yorkers need to face, we have this guy who has so little judges regard for anything truthful. running for mayor? come on.

>> ultimately, he's lost everyone's truflt. how can we rebuild that?

>> he's sort of playing off his wife, which as a woman i resent. he's using the goodwill his wife has built up over the years, because of her professionalism and her excellence. and just her style and ability to maneuver in and out of politics and media as a woman and a a professional. i admire that. at some point a woman has to say i respect myself more. and she may have forgiven him. but how do you stand next to someone who does not have the judgment to respect his family, to respect his office, and to respect the role he wants to play for his city? that, i have a problem with.

>> nine years ace co-host on the view. how was that?

>> eight years were fabulous. one year was pretty crappy. it's very difficult in this business and to have and keep it for nine years. and i loved every minute of being at the view. i'm being a little factious. they're my family. they will always be my family. and sometimes we may be dysfunctional but we're still family, nonetheless.

>> during the first eight years, who did you get along with the best and whom the worst?

>> well, i got along very well with meredith. i still do now. we work together a lot at nbc when i see her when she comes in. i actually got along with with everybody. i didn't have any negative feelings, and i still don't. leaving the view was very uncomfortable. i was not happy with the way that happened. i'm never happy with whenever a woman is not treated with the dignity and the respect and the professionalism i think she has earned at her job situation.

>> what about celebrity apprentice , what was that like?

>> it gave me truth the opportunity that for the first time, pump and media platform for my purpose. and my purpose was to move heart health and heart disease to the front burner. and i got to do that every single week. i got to emphasize. and i was playing for heart disease . i was playing for heart health. i got to show people what it looked like with my stamina, with my aggressiveness. and i earned so much money for the american heart association . so i got to do exactly what i wanted to do. i will forever be grateful to nbc for that opportunity. it was in fact, the craziest time of my life .

>> really?

>> nuts. those people were nuts.