Alex Witt   |  July 27, 2013

Can GOP afford to block immigration reform?

Hispanic Media Communications Director for the RNC Izzy Santa joins MSNBC’s Alex Witt to give her perspective on the GOP, the economy, and immigration reform.

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>> pitching his economic plan. he will speak at an amazon shipping center. wednesday he called out some republicans for playing politics with jobs.

>> some agree with me. they worry they will face swift political retaliation for cooperating with me.

>>> joining me now is hispanic media director for the rnc. are they exposing him for purely political reasoning?

>> hes republicans agree with him. we just saw last week democrats vote to delay the mandate in obama care. they are facing tough elections in 2014 . and i would even challenge him and say they are dismissing his policies because they make it tough in 2014 for him.

>> the gop can't just be against his ideas. it has to be for something to have ideas of its own. john boehner and mitch o'connell might not like the president's speeches but do they have one yet?

>> the.

>> you normal 17%. 9.1 for hispanic . african-americans, over 16%. he's going on this tour to sell obama care. 47% of folks think it's a bad idea.

>> can i ask you a question?

>> yeah.

>> i asked about a gop plan. you're talking about the president's policies. is there a gop plan?

>> speaker boehner and house republicans always have said we would like to cut red tape and we would like to cut governmenting spending. that's one of the main problems the president has. his policies are full of government spending and it doesn't seem to stimulate the economy.

>> this report finds the immigration bill would cut the deficit $200 billion the next 10 years and another you 700,000 in the subsequent 10 years. can we afford not to pass the immigration form.

>> house republicans are working on this issue. it's asking that you aou say that the president had an opportunity to 2009 and 2010 to do immigration reform . he would have done eupl graze but instead there were millions on the national mall screaming and the president ignored their cries. that was a key opportunity for him to do that.

>> it is front and center and on the table. isn't the gop and the house stopping immigration reform ?

>> i don't think so. we have representatives working on the bill. we have the gang of seven, who is working on a bipartisan will. they are saying this is what we stand for. republicans are leading on this issue. i reject that premise at work. we are being careful, addressing all the issues the american people want. how do we make sure we track the people that are here and make sure there's a legal way to earn legalization.

>> thanks for weighing in there.

>> thanks so much.

>> hispanic media for the rnc.