Alex Witt   |  August 03, 2013

The nation's governors gather in Wisconsin

Delaware Democratic Governor Jack Markell and MSNBC’s Alex Witt discuss unemployment and the main issues on the agenda at the Governor’s Association Meeting. The topics include: economic mobility, education, employment for the disabled, and the recent fast-food worker’s strike.

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>>> president obama in miss weekly advance is discussions is front and center. joining me now delaware governor and outgoing chairman of that association, jack markell . the governor told me it's a beautiful day in milwaukee. thank you so much for joining me, sir. let's talk, first of all, about the president's renewed push on the economy. your state was at 7.3% unemployment back in june, a tick below national average. beyond the mental, what needs to happen to snap this country made to lower levels of unemployment?

>>> well, a few things. and i think we all ought to take a lead from the businesses themselves. focus in on the things they care the most about. it's a handful of things. one, they want to make sure they're in communities with great schools, great workforce and focus on making sure there's a linkage between the skills we're teaching and the skills that are valued in the marketplace. looking for great responsiveness. we in delaware just finished a year-long effort to reduce reimpacted regularing hraeugzs. so a variety of things we have to focus on. governors across the country are doing just that.

>> do you hear in your state and other governors a sense of the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots. and jay-z was on about bill maher and he said that was at the root of this nation's so many problems.

>> a lot of us focus on economic mobility . historically the united states was one of the best places in the world. where no matter how you were born in terms of what income level you could rise above that. that's changed a bit over the years. it's something we've got to focus on, focusing on education is critical. one of the real things we focused on this year has to do with jobs for people with disabilities. we just released yesterday this blueprint focused -- it's called aribert bottom line. how we give people with disabilities a better opportunity for employment.

>> i know that's something that's been a very admirable cause on your behalf, sir. let's talk about the recent food strike by fast food workers. employment strike. how could governors help with the minimum wage question. does it hurt your ability if the state raises it beyond the federal level ?

>> this is the old age debate. we actually took a look at this last year in delaware . the economic research is somewhat mixed. many businesses pay a lot more than the minimum wage . some of the folks it wouldn't affect them much. others that pay closer to the minimum wage think it will have more of an impact. most of the research says it is unlikely to have a big impact , but a big economic debate.

>> what about a obama care? i would like you to listen to something from last week.

>> the states that have committed themselves to making this law work are finding the competition and choice are actually pushing costs down.

>> he says it's lowering costs. what is your assessment?

>> you know, i think the jury is just really coming in now and state after state. we don't have the final numbers yet for delaware , but what i can tell you and a lot of conversation about health care at this meeting of the governor's association. the real work on health care has less to do with the implementation of the affordable care act and really has to do with the innovations going on across the country to transform the way we deliver and pay for health care . moving away from the old fee for service model and moving towards a model where people get paid whether they are keeping patients well and whether they're doing so at a reasonable cost.

>> that is where the most exciting work is going on in health care .