Alex Witt   |  August 17, 2013

North Carolina law sparks fears, lawsuits

Rev. Dr. William Barber reacts to the North Carolina voter ID law and Governor McCrory’s statement.

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>>> no such ruling in north carolina where this week governor pat mccrory signed an expansive voting legislation that some are saying unfairly targets minority and young voters. joining me now is one filing the lawsuits. president of its north carolina chapter. reverend barber, thank you for joining me.

>> thank you.

>> let's take a look at this law today. it requires now a photo i.d. to get to vote. it short else the early voting period there. it ends preregistration for teens and ends same-day voter relation. before we get to breaking this down, the impact of the changes, what do you expect them to be?

>> well, this is the most vulgar attempt at voter suppression that we have seen in decades in a southern state purchase it is an attempt to manipulate political power by cheating and by denying people their right to vote and abridging their right to vote and violating the most fundamental rights in the 15th amendment and the fourteenth amendment . this is regressive legislation. it's bad for north carolina and bad for the nation.

>> let's listen to what the governor mccrory said in his statement this week.

>> many of those from the extreme left are using scare tactics. they are more interesting in divisive politics than ensuring that one's vote is disenfranchised by fraudulent ballot.

>> what's your response to that?

>> it's actually laughable, and add. our governor has decided to be on the side like george wallace and strom thurman . we had a voter who had to read the preamble. she would not be able to vote under this particular legislation. it is more aggressive than the voter i.d. in alabama. it doesn't allow students to use their i.d.s in colleges. it is called a monster deal. same-day registration was used by 34% of african- americans . early voting was used by 70% of african- americans . they are limiting that. they are cutting down sunday voting. they are allowing more money into politics by ending campaign financing. they are opening up the door to vigilante poll observers. this is bad, bad, bad legislation and we are fighting it with a lawsuit and with our organizing.

>> i'm glad you brought up the 92-year-old constituent. something caught my eye relative to her specifically. she has a north carolina driver's license. that is a government-issued i.d. yet she has concerns that because, for reasons i won't go into a lot of detail with having to do with being born under the presence of a midwife, what was actually on her birth certificate might not exactly match up to the legal name that she has. she's not worried about that. why should she have to worry about that? why can't her north carolina license work for her as my license works for me?

>> that's one of the questions. why should she have to do that anyway particularly when north carolina already had the law. you sign your name and you get a five-year felony if you lie. we have had 18 million votes studied and found really no cases of fraud that -- because of voter i.d. this is just voter suppression straight up. our state constitution said the legislature has no power to change the qualification of vote other than being 18, naturalized in north carolina . 67%, alex, of women do not have the current type of i.d. they are requiring. 34% of african- americans do not have the current type of i.d. that they are requiring. this is an attempt by a narrow-minded political machinery that's backed by a lot of money to hold on to power. they have attacked everybody this year. public education , unemployed, people that need medicaid, working people , people that got earned income tax credit . it's as though they are saying now that we have attacked everybody, our numbers have dropped in the poll, now we are going to try to hold on the power by limiting who gets to vote. and we're not going to stand for it.

>> have you heard from the department of justice or the white house on this?

>> not yet. we feel they need to bail this, just like texas. we're going to be pushing for that. our lawsuit is with the advancement project and joyner assisted by jamie phillips and adam stein. this is a tremendous teal. we cannot let this spread is around the nation. we have to stop it in north carolina . their goal is is to test it, see if it can work and spread it around the nation.

>> i'm sure with your sroebg is al opposition to it you will help keep that from happening or keep it on the table. thank you