Alex Witt   |  August 17, 2013

Ashton Kutcher channels Steve Jobs

Kim Serafin of In Touch Weekly talks to Alex Witt about the opening of “Jobs” and Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of Steve Jobs.

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>>> new this weekend, jobs. the legendary co-founder of apple opened nationwide.

>> it's mine and they're taking it away from me. you're letting them take it away from me.

>> the movie stars ashton kucher as steve jobs . always known for tv comedy has the chops to play the american icon. joining me now from "in-touch weekly" and good morning to you. how do you think he does? it's always hard to play someone who still has lots of friends, family still around.

>> he did not want to make this a parody. he has been very open about that. he looks so much like him. they did the makeup and he looked even better. he even has the gate like steve jobs does.

>> he pauses when he talks.

>> the hand movements.

>> he gets that down pat. it's such a good impression of him and also some good acting. i think some people are saying it is an impression. yes, he has the mannerisms, but that isn't all of who steve jobs is. he embodies him in so many ways and ashton kutcher someone who is tech savvy himself and for steve jobs and the computer industry and it technology industry in general. he said this was the most terrifying thing of his life because he has so much reverence for steve jobs . he really threw himself into the role.

>> how did he get himself into the hospital, what happened there?

>> he tried to the fruitarian diet. he tried doing this --

>> steve jobs went on that diet.

>> he ended up in the hospital. he was doubling over in pain and he had to be rushed to the hospital. this is talking about really throwing yourself into a role. again, because there was so much pressure, so many people know him and so many of us, even if you don't know steve jobs , you've seen him so many times. really a lot to live up to when you know people know him so well.

>> so, how do you think he does in the jobs? how does he do?

>> i thought he was good. i'm someone who knows steve jobs from the presentations and just from reading about him. but a lot of people thought that maybe he did just kind of do this in just taking liberties maybe, not exactly portraying him as people knew him. and you know there are so many comparisons to the social network because you have a tech entrepreneur who people know, but where you have the story, but maybe you're not getting the heart and soul.

>> to that end, there have been some complaints. one comes from steve woezniac and here's a quote from him. i saw "jobs" tonight and i thought it the acting throughout was good. i thought atlantaive and entertained but not, he knows him.

>> he has been very critical of this, even when the first trailers started coming out.

>> did they think it was too soon?

>> ashton responded to even his early criticism of when the trailers came out saying, well, he is a paid consultant on another film. another script written by erin sorkin. ashton has been saying all along steve wozniak is being paid as a consultant for this other film and that's why he's not helping our firm. we tried to reach out to him and we didn't have the access to him and we didn't know exactly what went on and we don't have that information from him because he's consulting on this other film.

>> with that having been said, you talk about the social network and new "jobs "film, yeah, say no more. it will be good.