Alex Witt   |  September 14, 2013

Will Syria comply with proposed deal?

Kimberly Dozier, the author of “Breathing the Fire” and Joby Warrick of the Washington Post join MSNBC’s Alex Witt to comment on the latest in Syria.

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>> syria's chemical weapons . secretary kerry announced they have reached a deal giving the assad government one week to provide a full list of its stock piles, u.n. inspectors must be on the ground folater than november. kimberly dozier , associated reporter with the associated press. you showed me this deal proposal.

>> good morning. it's really interesting. there are some firm deadlines which i don't know we expected to see, not so quickly. within a week, syria has to explain everything it has to cough up its secrets and by november, have inspectors on the ground. so that's actually fairly quick. there are some teeth in this thing. there is some surprisingly strong language of next steps with syria doesn't comply.

>> how about you, kimberly .

>> for russia , they can say it doesn't include armed force . it includes economic sanctions as i'm reading the initial drafts out of geneva. the hard part is going to be to verify, if you talk to u.s. military folks, they want people on the ground as well or at least trusted agents to make sure that russia is making syria show them where all the weapons are.

>> in fact, you wrote this week the actual task of collecting and subsequently destroying the capital weapons that that is extremely difficult. can you talk about the complications of that, what is the likelihood of it happening in total?

>> absolutely. there is there first little wrinkle the fact that you have a live war going on. we sent inspectors into the hostile situations. never do you ask a team to go in where shooting is going on. you can give vague guarantees they will be safe. they can be caught up as pawns in this intense struggle. the other thing is we don't know if this is a lebia-style enspecs or iraq where they hide things and they lay games. this could continue for months, potentially.

>> kimberly , have we heard from the rebels on the negotiations? even if the government makes the go ahead, there are rebel groups openly hostile to the west.

>> rebel groups that intend to continue fighting with weapons the u.s. has now provided to them. they have been on the record as saying they are against this dole, they're against negotiating with the certain government. they think they are buying time to continue to advance against the rebels. meanwhile, yes, weapons have reached the rebels, it's still small arms. some anti -- tank weaponry. it's not the significant anti-weaponry they want to defeat certain helicopters, for instance.

>> kimberly , i want to talk about that. you reported on this, you say when weapons reached the rebels, you reported it's happened through the cia and also in a more round about way. can you exmane that?

>> yeah, there is confusion among capitol hill , but the intelligence officials i'm speaking to say this has been going on for more than aen moth. the stores have been going, though, through third parties, so the u.s. is arranging for them to be delivered. but they don't say from the usa or from the u.s. deposit on the outside, then once the weapons are delivered to the rebels, usually outside the country, training camps, jordan or turkey, then cia officers and special operations officers train them in how to use some of this stuff. statement the rebels den know exactly who they're talking toment so that's the nature of a covert operation , you obscure it. you hide the origins so that u.s. fingerprints aren't all over the place.

>> for beth of you as you rode this agreement coming out of geneva this morning, is there a real dead loin here? is there a point 45 has been stated that if anything everything hasn't happened the way it's being set out in this agreement between u.s. and russia , that bombings would start in the do you read that anywhere?

>> well, it's ha ready to imagine russia agreeing to him boing. because it's still something that has to come up before the u.n. security council . russia made that clear they don't want this to happen. they appear to support deadlines and firm time tables and syria has to be forced to comply. they're the gain tore of this.

>> that will be on the ground presumably to make the sure irsyria does what it says to do.

>> that will be interesting to watch.

>> kimberly , yes or no, are you seeing a firm dead lean with him boing?

>> no, i'm seeing months delay