Alex Witt   |  September 29, 2013

The ripple effects of a government shutdown

NBC’s Michelle Franzen talks to MSNBC’s Alex Witt about the effects the possible government shutdown will have on the country. She reports that all of the national parks and national monuments would close, hurting the economy of the surrounding areas.

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>>> a government shutdown would have far-reaching ripple effects across the country. many popular attractions like the statue of liberty would close their doors to visitors. nbc's michelle franzen not too far from lady liberty . a good sunday to you. what's the reaction you're hearing about this national treasure possibly be shutdown to tourists?

>> reporter: well, you know, alex, we've been through this many times before. of course, people are out enjoying the statue of liberty tours today as well as ellis island here. but the impact from a possible closure could happen within the next 48 hours . it would impact national parks from maine all the way to california. now, an overview of that would show that places like the statue of liberty , of course, ellis island , independence hall , and alcatraz island and the washington monument would be shutting down during that time. that means a loss of tourism dollars for all those cities and all those national parks in that area. of course, in the mid-'90s, the government shutdown affected many areas and also 9 million visitors were turned away from parks and museums and monuments. once again, we're looking at the impact it would have not only on the national park system but also for the local economies in this area, for many of the people who work for the government, the civilian branches of the government as well as other areas of the government that are impacted. many of the people who we talked to today who indirectly or directly could be affected say they're pretty much fed up with congress.

>> tying our fiscal problems to health care and things of that sort where they play the political game of, you know, give and take is something that has got to stop.

>> i don't think that they're going to let the government shutdown . i don't think they really ever have.

>> reporter: and again, many people that we've talked to this morning say that they hope that the government shutdown doesn't happen, but they say that america, they're worried about the economy and the effects it will have, but it may take something like this for congress to actually work on what the real issues are. alex?

>> okay, michelle franzen . thank you so much from battery park .