Alex Witt   |  October 19, 2013

Technical glitches continue to mire ACA site

MSNBC’s Alex Witt talks with Rep. Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y., about the problems with The Affordable Care Act’s website.

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>>> marketplace is still mired with defects. it has left millions struggling to sign up. the spanish language website will not roll out as expected. gregory meeks , members of foreign affairs committee . and i say welcome to you. so glad to have you. glad everything is settled.

>> here we go. robert gibbs said on air, somebody should be fired over these problems with this whole rollout. do you agree with that? if so, who should it be?

>> i know the president is very upset about it. it happened to be at a meeting. the president was there. he cares. he really does. we have to get to the bottom of this. we know so many americans need health care . we know this will bring down the cost. we have to fix these technical problems. they've got to be fixed.

>> is there word about trying to recall? are they frustrated.

>> i have talked to my colleagues. that's the frustration on my part. these individuals want to join the affordable care act . they need it. they are looking for it. everything they see about it they like about it. especially the cost, where you say a, b, c. this is something i want. i want to sign up for. but they can't just get through. so we have to fix these technical problems.

>> when you think about the irony, the timing of this problem, considering what we went through for the first 16 days of the month. basically, the obama care issue was the cause of the government shutdown , if you look at folks like ted cruise and those. that's what they were opposing. then it's not even running properly. there's irony in that.

>> listen, the program starts january 1st . people have to sign up between now and then. before we actually see what take place there's time there. there's other individuals that have already benefited from the program. if you had a kid under 26 and not employed, they can stay on your health care program. pre-existing disease. all of those things are in existence now. so people are benefiting, some are benefiting from it already. we have to make sure that the technical gaffes are cleared up.

>> yeah.

>> so the hundreds of thousands, the millions of individuals who don't have insurance now, they can get it. that's important.

>> it absolutely is important. with regard to some of your counterpar counterparts, they are expected to hold hearings. anything informative coming from that?

>> i don't know. here's the key. if we would work on this collectively, be reasonable about what we're doing, not just stop americans from getting the health care they need, but trying to fix whatever the problem is, this is a computer problem. so they can find there's someone that is not doing what they should be doing as far as working on the computer to get the glitches out, to fix it. it's more than a glitch apparently. if that's the spirit of the hearing, maybe we can do something like that. but if the spirit is just to say we shouldn't have affordable care act , we're not going to go anywhere. the basics is still good if you talk to states like my state, new york, where they show insurance prices going down 50%. and you can then see the number of individuals who have tried to get on the site. the great need of people to have health care . if we can focus we're going to provide health care to those who don't have it, we can do a lot. unfortunately what you see from my colleagues on the republican side , they don't come up with any alternatives. they don't come up with how we can fix it so make sure millions of americans can receive health care . we have been willing to work. the president said he would be willing to work with republicans, democrats, anybody else. but the idea is to get these people this health care .

>> can we look ahead to january, february, january 15th when the government funding will run out. february 7th , is when we would have to increase the debt ceiling again. are we going to have another crisis like we did? piecemealing quarter to quarter, half year to half year, is that any way to govern?

>> it is no way to govern. i hope if the republicans can, i know democrats are ready to come with some reasonable solutions with reference to a bigger deal. we know we can't get everything our way. we're not going to get everything we want. there are things that they want. we have to have some way we can work that out. i'm willing to work with individuals who have new ideas. i understand that i've got to make some compromise so we can move this country forward. i hope my counterparts on the other side. they sneed to stand up and say to the speaker. the only thing that's going to happen is they have to say they don't not want the haslett rule. as we have said all along, if you put the bill on the floor it will pass. the majority of members of congress would vote for it. that meant the majority of americans are where we are. so that's the key. forget the rule and the moderate republicans, make sure they are reasonable and democrats will be reasonable and we can get past this.

>> always reasonable for us. thank you very much, congressman meeks.