Alex Witt   |  November 30, 2013

Who had the best and worst weeks in politics?

Morris Reid, Suzy Khimm and Susan Del Percio share their picks for who had the best and worst weeks in politics.

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>>> let's get back to the big 3 for the best and worst of the week. susan, i'll begin with you. who's your best and your worst?

>> best of the week was popcorn the turkey that got a pardon from president obama . and the worst week goes to a bunch of other turkeys down in d.c., congress, all the stories are coming out, how they're not getting anything done. it's going to be the least productive session ever. that's going to be a lot to take home to their districts over the holidays.

>> i see you on the worst part, and actually the best. suzy, yours?

>> the best definitely went to advancements in public health and science. there was a new study saying that vaccines have basically protected 100 million people from diseases that they would have gotten otherwise. over almost the last 100 years. this is a big message of the triumph of vaccination. a lot of folks are concerned about this and opting their kids out. i think this study is a big blow to them. in terms of worst week, i would say the obama administration did not do itself any favors by announcing just right before thanksgiving when everyone was leaving town that they would be delaying another big part of obama care, the small business 's ability to buy health insurance over the exchanges. if they were going to do this anyway, it was going to look great. but doesn't instill much confidence that they tried to slip it in under the radar.

>> the delay is for an entire year, good point. morris, best and worst?

>> my best week goes to u.s. golf relations. a lot of talk about iran. i think this is going to bring us closer. i think saudi arabia is the winner. i think we're going to get closer to them. the worst week to me is the situation where the terrorist attack happened on the camp and the u.s. government needs to protect these folks. we need to do something about this. it's very, very serious.

>> tell me about this last one. i'm not familiar with it. what is that?

>> happened a few months ago. it was an attack in iraq. these are a protected group of people but the u.s. government signed along -- we transferred our power to protect this group. we haven't done a great job. and women are being held hostage. there are hunger strikes around the world. this is a really big thing. america needs to get involved.

>> okay. glad you brought it to our attention. thank you, guys. thanks to all of