Alex Witt   |  January 05, 2014

Pilot calls for help before landing on NY highway

The pilot of a small plane that landed on a highway in the Bronx, N.Y., calls an air traffic control tower for help Saturday.

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>>> an investigation is underway after a small plane made an emergency landing on a new york city highway. it happened saturday afternoon in the bronx. here's some cell phone video taken by a driver on the northbound side. the faa says the landing gear appears to have collapsed but amazingly no one was hurt. here's part of the call for help made by the pilot. it has been edited down.

>> mayday, we're losing engine. where should i land? i don't see anything. which direction am i heading? i'll never make it. where do i touchdown?

>> i'm not sure where you can touchdown. right now you're over the bronx. [ unintelligible ]

>> well, the pilot and two female passengers were taken to