All In   |  April 01, 2013

The hashtag reveal

Chris Hayes shares his favorite things from Monday’s world on the web.

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>>> this is retired atlanta georgia schools superintendive beverly hall brandishing her superintendent of the year award. today, she's facing charges of conspiracy and racketeering in one of the big stz public education scandals in american history . that story is coming up. first, i want to share the three awesomest things i saw on the internet today. the first, the story of pioneering rocket scientist brill. and since she wasn't a household name , let me tell you this woman was a scientific bad ass . she developed and patented something called the elect rothermal hide rozine thruster and as the blog explained, it's a rocket propulsion system maintaining a geosynchronous orbit around earth. in other words, when satellites go up into space, they can be pulled off orbit, but the propulsion system she developed keeps them right where they need to be. it earned her the national medical of technology and innovation in 2011 , but you wouldn't know that based on the lead paragraph of her obiterary which reads, and i'm not making this up, she made a mean beef stroganoff , followed her husband from job to job, and took eight years off to raise her children. the world's best mom, her son said. she was a trail blazer in her field, yet the times chose to mention her cooking skills and husband pleasing abilities. the good people of the internets didn't take kindly to this. after an avalanche of the tweets, the times changed the lead, taking out the beef stroganoff part and adding the brilliant scientist part. number two is a submission from our twitter fan,@autographcat. meet kid socrate. he will not only make you question the meaning of life . he will make you question your very place in the universe, sitting on a back patio, using anlts as a metfer, he gives the most succinct profound explanation of the universe. there's that line in the play "six degrees of separation" where a father recalls his child's grade school class. spend enough time around kids and there's a socrates in all of them. and finally, a big reveal.

>> the earth is just one planet in the galaxies. you can compare that to an ant on the patio in the backyard. thea ant doesn't know there's more than the patio here. he just keeps walking. he doesn't know there's -- he's just part of lots of worlds. and the human race is sort of like that.

>> and finally, a big reveal. our new hash tag. on the weekend, it was uppers. now that we're on primetime and you have been awake and functioning, that no longer works. a friend of mine joked to me, we would be like the utah jazz of cable news. the jazz franchise began in the city of new orleans where their name was fitting before moving to the land of the great salt lake where it's chairably less fitting. we asked for your votes and the winners were inners. and my personal favorite was illinskys, so inners are the new uppers, and submit your click3 nominees to the hash tag tag #click3. and our facebook page, we'll be right back.