All In   |  April 18, 2013

FBI releases photos of suspects in Boston Marathon bombing

Chris Hayes talks with NBC's Pete Williams about the FBI photos of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing

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>>> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes . thank you for joining us tonight. three days after the boston marathon was bombs, we have photos, pictures of two men the fbi suspects in monday's attack. the fbi released these photos hours ago asking for the public's help finding or identifying them. the man authorities are identifying as suspect number one is seen in a dark hat. here's suspect number two in a white hat . this suspect, number two in the white hat is the only one authorities believe they have seen on tape planting an explosive device. they believe the two men were associated. any who knows anything about either of these men is asked to call 1-800- fbi or call bostonmarathontips. fbi .gov. they said these men may be extremely dangerous and urging everyone not to take action on their own. joining us is pete williams . this is a big development today. what is the latest?

>> it is a big development. the pictures don't show crystal clear view of the faces, of course. there's pictures the fbi has not released. they do believe they have images showing the man in the white hat planting the second bomb, the one in the front of the restaurant. by the way, we have seen that picture from our affiliate in boston that shows the garbage bag next to the mailbox. they say that is -- now, they can say that is not the bomb. the bomb was actually planted on the other side of that barrier. it's right near there but just on the other side. in the release of these pictures , then, they've chosen which ones they think will be most helpful to people in being able to recognize them. granted, the faces are never crystal clear . they're hoping the totality of the clothes and where they were and what they were doing will cause some people to call in. they are getting the response that they asked for or getting a response, anyway. lots of names, but having names and knowing the right names will take some time. it's way too soon to know whether this will be productive. but they clearly have high hopes for us.

>> what was the behind the scenes calculation in deciding whether or not to release these photos? what does that say about, if anything, the status of the investigation?

>> well, i think it says the status at this moment is pretty optimistic. what it says is that they could not by themselves, looking at these pictures and using the other methods they have trying to crosstab bulate with cell phone calls, you see in the upper white on the screen, the man in the white hat is talking on a cell phone so they're looking at cell phone records. that's only gotten them so far. they concluded they're not able to get over the finish line without public help here. they're hoping people will recognize them. the other thing i should say, they're also hoping, now that they've shown the public what it is they're looking for, they will now get more pictures , people there at the marathon, around the spots where these two bombs were planted, will now go back to their cell phones and cameras and video-recorders and see if they have any pictures of these men and send those to the fbi as well. they're not done asking for pictures . they also sane the coming day, if they get clearer images of these people, they'll release those, tao.

>> i've already seen an image of the suspect in the white hat making a right on fairfield in the aftermath. that is already circulating.

>>> coming through, something we're talking about, in talking to people around the investigation, have they expressed any frustration or misgivings the fact so many other pictures of so many other people were floating around the internet and today in certain media outlets?

>> i think they're disappointed it's out there because it doesn't help them any. it's frustrating in the sense they don't want to see innocent people have their pictures out there. there has been a lot of that stuff. i don't know that's interfered with their investigation that much, probably generates tips they have to wade through. they've been more focused on their own pictures and known all along what it is they're looking for. as you note, it's one thing leading to another, getting pictures , showing the man in the white hat planting the bomb