All In   |  April 25, 2013

click3: ‘We Will Finish the Race’

Two designers teamed up to create a powerful interactive feature, visually pairing each Senator who voted "no" on gun background checks with a child who was killed by gun violence in the past year; Boston Magazine reveals its May cover in a tweet-- and it's really moving: the staff asked for marathoners to submit their sneakers and those sneakers were used to create a heart accompanied by the words "We Will Finish the Race;” One Dubai-based man is claiming he was kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being too handsome--we can't prove that he was, but his Facebook photos prove the guy is definitely a heartthrob.

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>>> that's president obama today at the memorial service for those who lost their lives at the fertilizer plant in west texas .

>>> behind me, a man who is trying to stop explosions in s like what happened.

>> and a pitch from john fogarty who tells us the website, they don't work for is worth another look. i couldn't agree with you. two were so frustrated from the senate's rejection of the background check on guns did this. this is depicting the faces of gun violence and 45 senators who voted against doing something to stop it. following the opening slides are 45 separate screens, pairing each no vote with a child killed by gun violence within the past year. a stark personalized message accompanies each slide. senator cruz doesn't work for kids like jesse. senat senator, he itkamp. these senators don't work for you. every once in a while people get frustrated and try to do something that makes a difference. and from the city of boston, they released their may cover in a tweet earlier and the image went viral. the cover features sneakers forming the shape of a heart and a power effectively "we will finish the race." the back page was just as intere interesting. it was ready to be shipped out and they asked in facebook posts for runners to submit their shoes and they had an interview of each one who donated and some featured online in a special section that will go out next week. the boston marathon will be back and so will i. the third awesomest thing on internet today, switching gears a bit here, this man claims his sheer handsomeness got him kicked out of saudi arabia . he is a dubai based fashion actor, photographer and poet, in other words, a real catch. news broke last week, three men were deported from saudi arabia after being deemed too good looking by the regulation police. he posted a connection on facebook along with a smiley modi con, enough to report he was indeed one of the hunkies deported. and i would recognize him as deportablebly handsome. no one knows the truth since there were no pictures of the others and all you have is his devastatingly man escaped