All In   |  April 30, 2013

Conspiracy theories reach the halls of Congress

Senator James Inhofe, R- Okla., has introduced a bill that's rooted in the conspiracy theory that the government is "stockpiling" ammuntion to "violate our Second Amendment rights."

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>> i am a smart guy . the i'm not person that said the fbi blew up the people at the boston marathon . i'm not saying people in the fbi blew up innocent people. you're saying that. that's what makes you a dumb ass. now why you are you in my [ bleep ]ing neighborhood?

>> thatit's one thing when false flag notions are kept to the conspiracy-minded fringe. it's another thing all together when these things are oozing into the republican party and halls of government. new hampshire represent stella tremblay.

>> what am i going to apologize for? for asking questions?

>> the old asking questions. questions are fine, even questions that lead people to think what in god's name are you talking about? her post on glen beck 's facebook page didn't look like a question to me "the boston marathon was a black ops terrorist attack , drones and now terrorist attacks by our own government." state representative tremblay is not the only legislator parroting conspiracy theories . a state legislator is another thing. the united states senator is another. which is what makes the actions of senator inhofe so troubling. dhs wants to buy more than a billion rounds of ammunition in the next four or five years, which the department says it will use for law enforcement agents in training and on duty the reason the dhs says it is stockpiling the ammunition because like going to costco, it's just more economical sometimes to buy in bulk. when this totally logical explanation was challenged, dhs responded with a letter that read in part "dhs routinely established strategic sourcing contracts that combine the requirements. it makes sense for the fiscally-minded conservative. they introduced the ammunition management for more obtainability act 2013 too put caps on the amount of amio federal agencies could buy. the conspiracy theories claim the u.s. government is gearing up for an arms race against the american people and most recently this kind of talk has been all over the drudge report .

>> what's the government arm against? the american people . who do they say the terrorist threat are? conservatives, libertarians, gun owners . here's our article. " homeland security purchases 200 million more rounds of ammunition. i want to thank the drudge report and for covering it. and then we have the house hearing.

>> when forbes magazine or drudge start repeating the numbers --

>> i don't know if i would put forbes and drudge in the same sentence.

>> their attempts to rein in the government from stockpiling ammo seems perfectly reasonable.

>> two oklahoma lawmakers think they have a solution to what they call a shortage.

>> senator jim inhofe and congressman frank lucas recently introduced a bill that would limit the amount of ammunition federal agencies can buy, hoping to increase the supply for the rest of us. there's a two box limit at big boy 's gun and ammo in oklahoma city and at other gun shops . many fear the government could be stockpiling ammunition and preventing the public from doing the same.

>> i don't live in oklahoma and it been quite some time since i tried to buy ammo there but it's possible there are genuine ammo shortages. there might be some other reasons than the government stockpiling it. one, the introduction of federal gun legislation sent gun buyers across the country running to stores to stock up on ammo, afraid that congress was going to try to keep it out of their hands thanks to a lot of fear mongering from the gun lobby . we get a perfectly closed loop in which the paranoid conspiracy theories fuel an ammo shortage which fuel further conspiracy theories . or maybe ammo is in short supply in oklahoma because they tend to use a lot of it at events like the full oklahoma auto shoot and trade show .

>> all right. i am not going to front. that looks like a whole lot of fun. what isn't fun are united states congressmen using their privilege and power to craft legislation to cater to the darkest, fringiest elements in politics.