All In   |  May 03, 2013

Over/Under: All the news you could have used

Chris Hayes delievers the most overcovered and undercovered stories of the week, from Reese Witherspoon's arrest to a woman who went missing 11 years ago to the recession's effect on young workers.

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>>> when unworthy stories get uncovered in the news, some stories are left in the dust. let's see which deserve our scorn and which deserve our attention. this is over under. reese witherspoon was arrested last month in georgia for disorderly conduct. first the mug shop. then the apology tour. now the dash cam arrest video. tmz posted this footage of an irate widtherspoon being arrested.

>> you better not arrest me. i'm an american. you are arresting me as an american citizen .

>> this coverage is beyond. reese witherspoon will be fined because she is a famous person with a job. but many cohorts aren't so lucky. undercovered, the impact of weak job numbers and recurvery efforts on a once vital part of the american work force . as the new york times puts it, the new york states has had the highest share of employed 25 to 34-year-olds to large wealthy economies to having the lowest. te write, companies are doing more with less an companies are reluctant to hire new workers which is bad for young workers. there are job numbers on our website. you should check it out. overcovered, freak out over dna found on a fragment of one of the bombs detonated at boston marathon . federal investigators disclosed finding traces of female dna on one of the pressure cookers . that doesn't mean there was a female accomplice. it could have come from a spectator or store clerk. but it sure did help fill air time .

>> dna on one of the pressure cookers . what might it mean?

>> what could it mean?

>> we don't know.

>> this doesn't necessarily mean anything.

>> this could be a significant development. it is not clear whose dna it is.

>> all we know is they have dna . they are not sure what it means.

>> they do know though that it is female dna . that potentially could be significant.

>> we got that one locked down. now we may not know whose dna is on the bomb fragment but we know another dna of a female is all over the sub prime mortgage. penny prits ker is a billionaire heiress. they bought a failed bank and received over half billion under tax credits for it. renamed it superior bank and superior bank bought alliance funding which moves aggressively into sub prime lending . superior collapsed leaving many casualties behind. a banking analyst who testified tells cbs news the kinds of lending they were doing was outrageous. when superior failed there were uninsured depositors who took losses. penny pritzker took a direct line role in persuading people to park their money in a bank that was taking wild-eyed risks. a pennsylvania woman who mysteriously disappeared 11 years ago reappeared. she said she was trying to escape her problems so she walked out and vanished. last friday she turned herself in in key largo . while the media focuses on this one woman found in florida, the ability of local governments to actually govern in the state is said to all but disappear. under cover, the big government swagger of florida house republicans. state gop lawmakers are looking to limit the power of local government . a series of bills circulating from the florida state legislature would leaf it up to the state it implement policy. the measures undercut a number of issues from gun ordinances to environmental protections. and forbid establishing a local living wage or paid sick leave. this is hypocritical by the gop's own principles. so hey, miami, you can't establish a local minimum wage. law makers in tallahassee will do that for you. it is a back door boone doggle for special interest . we'll be right back with click 3. arrison