All In   |  May 03, 2013

Israel strikes inside Syria, hits military target

NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski joins Chris Hayes to discuss the breaking news out of Syria that Israel has launched an airstrike inside Syria.

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>> bring in jim who we have on the phone right now. jim, can you tell us what we are hearing from u.s. officials?

>> reporter: u.s. officials tell nbc news that this appears to be an attack very similar to the one the israelis conducted in january when they launched an airstrike against a convoy of anti-aircraft missiles that they believe were destined for hezbollah in lebanon. and according to the officials, this was something very similar. it was a weapon's smimt shipment of some kind. not believes what the weapons were. but it is clear that israelis believe this is a shipment of weapons that would have been headed into the hands of hezbollah . now interestingly enough, the israelis , quite frankly , openly acknowledge that they conducted this attack and just last week, in a joint news conference with the defense secretary in tel aviv , the israeli defense minister said, you know, the israelis also have a set of red lines just like the u.s. does in terms of how far syria can go inside of syria before action will be taken. but the number one red line for the israelis is that sophisticated weapons do not find their way from syria into the hand of hezbollah in lebanon for obvious reasons. and the defense minister acknowledged that syria in fact had crossed the red line in january and that the israelis took action. they have the same kind of concerns in the u.s. that the u.s. has about chemical weapons and the like. and quite frankly , you get a sense that as long -- as long as the battle stays in syria , israel -- you know, they don't like the conflict on their border, but they're not going to intervene. but it is when you talk hezbollah that they will take action. and they did again tonight.

>> just to be clear. both airstrikes that one on -- the january airstrike and new airstrike which we are just confirmed tonight, breaking news we have for you at this moment, which is confirmation of an israeli airstrike in syria , by question for you is what does it mean from the perspective of the region and the u.s., is there no escalation that there is a climb down from or is this the new status quo? is israel asserting its right to strike inside syria when and if it chooses to?

>> it is definitely the latter. you know, there was some initial concern and jitters after that first strike. this part of that battle is between hezbollah , israel , and syria . and as long as it stays in that realm, it's likely not to go any further. after all, you know, several years ago, and i'm sorry i can't remember the year offhand, but the israelis launch airstrikes that took out a syrian nuclear facility that is in the making and syria did not issue a single protest because of course they didn't want to acknowledge they were making a nuclear facility . but that went away in very short order. so there's nobody within the u.s. government that thinks these kinds of strikes, by israel , against weapons shipments destined for hezbollah , is going to have any collateral affect and expand the war that's now inside syria .

>> yes, though of course hezbollah does pose -- it is not israel 's northern border and has been involved in military action with israel in the