All In   |  May 08, 2013

‘Cable-pocalypse’ reigns on Fox News’ Benghazi hearing parade

Fox News had to interrupt its coverage of the Benghazi hearings they have been hyping for days. Chris Hayes talks about the hearings with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Eric Boehlert.

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>>> today was set up to be a big day , a very big day for roger ails, the fox network , the densons of michelle malkin 's website, and congressman darryl issa , why? because today was benghazi day.

>> benghazi bomb shell. as accusations heat up, what will the whistle-blowers reveal and how truthful has the government been about the attack?

>> oh, hillary clinton , how'd she get in there? if you have not been watching fox news nonstop like we have, you're unaware the biggest story is behind the horrible death of four americans on the attack on benghazi . according to fox news, this coverup is, literally, the biggest scandal since watergate .

>> watergate , nixon lied, but nobody died. in benghazi , four dead, white house went to bed.

>> will it become like the watergate thing, a huge story? it's the same thing that happened with watergate .

>> i still believe if this is just about a little old video, then watergate was about a little old flashlight and duct tape in the democratic headquarters.

>> in that case, nobody died in watergate .

>> nobody died in watergate . fox news was all geared up today to really capture the outrage. to embrace the much-hyped whistle-blower who second guessed a decision made by special operations command africa not to send special forces from tripoli, the capital, to benghazi after insurgents attacked a mission there. a pentagon spokesman reiterated special forces could not have made it to benghazi to save lives and were needed in tripoli to help secure the embassy there. that's not important, promos have been made, hosts were properly outraged, coverage plan was in motion, then the cable news-pocalypse happened. lots to look at, including, live in cleveland as gina dejesus arrives home. wow, do we have some news for you now in arizona where the jury has reached a verdict in the jodi arias murder trial.

>> top of the professional cap to megan kelly, who rolled very smoothly with that. even though fox was amusingly knocked off their game today, they have done something truly remarkable here, they have managed to make this something that elected representatives are devoting themselves to. they've created an entire alternate universe in which benghazi is the most pressing issue in the country right now and congress, your representatives, are listening. democratic from new york, on the house oversight committee and was at the hearing and eric beal ert, who has been tracking, painstakingly, the benghazi scandal on the right. congresswoman, i guess i'll begin with you. did you learn anything today at the hearing? there was compelling emotional testimony about what happened that night, the story of what happened that night is harrowing and dramatic and upsetting for a variety of reasons, not the least of which four americans ending up dead, the notion of people being trapped in a safe building that's burned to the ground. did you learn something new today?

>> well, i learned that a terrible terrorist attack was turned into a political attack. and what i find so distressing, chris, is that when americans are attacked, some turn around and attack more americans instead of going after the terrorists, and i find it very unfortunate that they spent their time criticizing the military, the state department , former secretary of state hillary clinton , and americans instead of focusing on the 29 recommendations that the accountability review board came out with to correct it to protect lives. i learned a lot, too. and what was interesting to me is these false lies that issa has been saying on national television claiming that the former secretary of state, hillary clinton , had personally signed cables denying increased security , were absolutely false. all three witnesses testified that the department's procedure of the state department is that the secretary, whoever the secretary is, that their name is on every cable and the accountability review board said that was true and that she was not involved. it stopped at the department secretary level.

>> if you're joining the benghazi story midstream, as i suspect some viewers are, the accountability review board was the body appointed in the aftermath of the brouhaha that was originally raised back in 2012 in the waning days of the election that came out with recommendations that looked into it. i want to be clear here, i don't think from where i stand it doesn't seem to me at all wrong to second guess the state department or decisions made by department of defense or anyone in government if there are things to be gleaned about it. the question is, there's a difference, right, eric, it strikes me between things that went badly and should have gone better and a scandal. i mean that. sometimes people make bad decisions.

>> absolutely.

>> i don't see how we get from the former to the latter.

>> neither does anyone else , you know, the congresswoman talked about the issa allegation, which is now in the dust bin. you know, go back to 2012 , obama never called this terror, that's false.

>> mitt romney 's worse campaign moment, which sean hannity recently revealed he cursed mitt romney out on not doubling down on what was his worst campaign moment.

>> hillary faked her concussion because she didn't want to testify. the lies and misinformation fox news has been peddlining since september, you lose track, you lose count. they pile up and pile up. the silenced whistle-blowers, silenced? one guy wanted to go back twice and talk again.

>> and he did.

>> of course, come back. tell us whatever you want . as you said, the review board was interested in what went wrong. fox news has showed no interest in finding out how can we prevent this from happening. it's been an endless po litization. today this was their blockbuster, their watergate , and by 2:00 people were changing the channel.

>> congresswoman, i don't know if you saw how your remarks today at the hearing were covered, but i want to show you a split screen. there right now, there's you live speaking and fox at that moment, i think coincidentally, i'd say, went to highlights of previous statements given by republicans in that very same hearing, although there you are actually appearing. so, my question to you is, is there a place where they can get off the train here? is this going to keep going, or are things being settled? i'd like you to answer that question after we take this quick break. d