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No one seems to be talking about the immigration bill amendments

The Senate Judiciary Committee began considering 300 amendments to overhaul the nation's immigration laws on Thursday. Chris Hayes is joined by Janet Murguia, president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza, to discuss some of those amendments.

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>>> i stopped myself from dropping and "f" bomb before, which is great. it is frustrating. josh, you have this great piece we were talking about, the seeming lack of any or care to do anything about job growth . the president was in texas today and you were saying corporate profits are high. wall street should care.

>> the last time i was on your show, the congressman from minnesota was the rising wealthy people and owners of stocks want this slack labor market so wages will stay low. you look at stock prices, the s&p is at an all time high but price to earnings ratio is low. corporate profits have gone up but those low ratios reflect they won't grow that strongly in years to come. that makes sense. you need people to buy your products if you want to make money.

>> as high as the dow is it's actually under-performing where it should be based on profits if people were confident there would be markets in the future and consumer tdemand?

>> exactly. and budget cuts we've already seen put in place since the republicans won over the house not as much as they've wanted but got an affair amount, if they were not there, we would probably have a percentage lower unemployment. that's a big big deal . so, the president's in texas today, one part of the texas story is wage growth, the other part is changing demographics. a lot of that has to do with immigration. i think the immigration story in washington is fascinating. here's why. it's the most important thing happening in washington right now, by far. it has the biggest ramifications what this country will look like, millions of lives at stake. it will change the politics of this country, society, big big huge high stakes issue, no one is talking about it because there is a conspiracy of silence on the part of people who want to see a deal get done that if they talk about it at all, they will blow the deal up. everyone is out there trying to make this thing happen, walk on egg shells . you talk to someone about it, they're walking on egg shells . i do not want to blow up the deal, but il also as a journalist think we should talk about it. let's bring in janice. you're smiling in recognition, the largest hispanic agency in the united states . and there was a lot of talk in the judiciary committee , trying to put poisonous bills in this that you fear will happen and i fear will happen, fear it will get blown up. what happened today and is the bill still intact?

>> let me move my eggshells aside.

>> get frank.

>> i think we had a good day, our first day of the mark-up. we saw a lot of extreme amendments able to be pushed back yet there was a lot of transparency, folks were able to offer amendments and we're seeing real progress. that's really what's important today, to keep this bill moving forward. a lot of credit goes to chairman lahey, of course, but also to that bipartisan group of senators that have stayed together so far to be open, to a transparent process but also to keep the core of the bill intact intact.

>> there are really funny amendments today. what was the one about the boston report? this is chuck grassley . chuck grassley was the leader today with amendments. you can tell who's trying to kill the bill by how many amendments they add. chuck grassley was the leader with 77, jeff sessions in second getting silver with 49. it would postpone asylum claims and refugee status until a hearing on the boston bombings is submitted. there was also ted cruz who tried to blow up the cornerstone of the bill, which is a path to citizenship. that, i don't think was voted on today. we also have senator mike lee . i'd love to get your reaction to this. to exclude certain employment of domestic services to pro-hib is of unlawful employment on unauthorized aliens, saying we should have a black labor market in the following. domestic services performed by cooks, waiters, housekeepers, governoresses, maids, valets, furnacemen, caretakers, gardeners, footmen, grooms and chauffeurs of automobiles for family use. this was an actual amendment proposed to the bill to create a black market in labor for those named professions of services. what does that say to you that this was actually considered by the committee?

>> i think, look, there's a lot of amendments, as you pointed out. what's happening, people are filtering through, certainly hispanic voters are seeing which ones are being taken more seriously and in a good gait effort to improve the bill and which ones to slow down the process itself or make that path to citizenship an uneven one and certainly one that's more convenient for one segment of society versus the other. those amendments are by and large being turned away. that's the right thing of course. what is emerging is a premise, more than anything else, look, the border security title was the one considered today. people realize that's going to be an important factor for immigration reform . even not just democrats but some republicans are acknowledging that it's a factor but it's not all that we need to do on im immigration reform . that goes against the old guard thinking of enforcement only type tactics. so i think we are seeing some bipartisan consensus emerge and we want this process to keep moving forward. those amendments not to be taken seriously i think are being voted down and that's the way it should be.

>> america does need more govern witnesses. i don't even say the word. i want to say this bite of sound i think was pretty revealing. there was a heritage foundation ridiculous number about the cost of this kind of comprehensive bill being 3$3.6 trillion. there is an interesting genuine civil war among conservatives over comprehensive immigration reform . it was revealed that the co-author of this report had written a harvard dissertation that flirted with gnarly eugenic ideas of iq of different racial groups and hispanics unlikely to achieve iq parity with whites.

>> not just them, their grandchildren.

>> and several generations an won't get to parity. it was someone who went on the heritage foundation on radio today . take a listen.

>> are you standing by his premise? are you standing by his premise hispanics have low iq ?

>> no. that's not our position. that's not my position obviously.

>> why is he an author in your study?

>> he did the number crunching , as i said --

>> you have someone who is a racist obviously, right, who is part of your study, you're accepting his work, therefore you're accepting his intellectual framework, right?

>> we did not accept the work he did before arriving here.

>> are you going to fire him or are you standing by him?

>> we really -- you know, i don't want to comment on that.

>> janet, this has really blown up in a fascinating way and causing some problems right now.

>> it should. we all want to make sure when folks are using these types of -- this type of thinking, when you see eugenics start to surface, as part of an author who was part of this report and see that in his background, it does make you question why would the heritage foundation not renounce that part of his work at the very least?

>> yeah.

>> i think it would be appropriate for the president of the heritage foundation , former senator demint, to reject that part of this person's background and renounce that. if they're going to continue to stand by that report, they should at least renounce that thinking. it's the right thing to do. sna you know these intraright disputes better than i do. heritage is losing this, getting their butt kicked.

>> they are. i thought it was a mistake when they brought jim demint in last november. he's not that well liked.

>> to be fair, this is the same person who did the study last time around.

>> no.

>> i think there are a lot of establishment conservatives in washington who would like heritage to stop being a problem on things like the debt ceiling and various other fights and immigration. you talk about an elite consensus that ignores mass opinion, this is cutting in our favor. elites are much more in favor of immigration than the base of the republican favor. la.

>> thank you very much.

>> thank you.

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