All In   |  June 21, 2013

Edward Snowden charged with espionage

Federal prosecutors have filed charges against former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, hoping to have him extradited from Hong Kong. NBC’s Pete Williams reports. The Washington Post’s Sari Horwitz, and The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald join Chris Hayes to discuss. Greenwald said that Snowden expected to be tried for a crime but the reporter called the charges "a misuse, a violation of these laws."

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>>> good evening. i am chris hayes in new york. the u.s. government filed criminal charges against former national security agency contractor edward snowden. he worked as a security analyst for the nsa and leak add trove of classified documents to reporters at the guardian news paper and the post. for more details, we turn to nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams , with the latest on the story. what do you have for us?

>> you know, everybody is reporting this now because the government is actually released the charging document itself. the first page, it's a bare bones thing. this is the totality in what the government released, by the way, and the rest of the case if you go to the court's website and looks at it, it's under seal. he is basically charged with violating three federal laws . stealing government property, and secondly, two charges under the espionage chapter in the federal charging book, improperly giving out classified national defense information to somebody who is not cleared to see it and a separate charge for giving out classified information about communications intelligence. so the three charges, each of them carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. the other interesting thing about this, these charges were filed on june 14th , under seal, and we just learned about them today. now, what this means is the government has now started the process of seeking an arrest warrant in hong kong for the arrest of him. obviously the fbi can't go over there and arrest him any more than the hong kong authorities could send somebody over here to arrest somebody in washington or new york. the hong kong authorities will arrest them, and he said if they send him back he will resist.

>> thank you for bringing us that. we appreciate it.