All In   |  July 16, 2013

Sen. Reid secures stunning victory for Democrats

Chris Hayes looks at the deal struck today in the Senate to confirm all seven of President Obama's stalled nominees.

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>>> last night, senate majority leader harry reid looked senate republicans in the eye and said to hell with institutional rules and norms, i will nuke your filibuster of nominees. and i have the 51 votes to do it. over the past few days harry reid who has in the past been pretty reluctant, frankly, to mess with the filibuster at all, managed to convince republicans he was serious this time that this time he was actually going to go through with the so-called nuclear option. that he had the 51 votes needed to change senate rules to allow for executive nominees and only executive nominees to be confirmed by a simple majority vote. and in response to harry reid 's credible brinksmanship, senate republicans, well, fell right in line. ladies and gentlemen , i come before you to say, not only did democrats win, but they got almost everything they wanted in a stunning victory. this morning, senate democrats and senate republicans reached a deal to not nuke the filibuster. in exchange for a vote on five of the seven stalled obama nominees. including a vote on richard cordray , first director of the consumer financial protection bureau. he was confirmed just hours ago by a vote of 66-34. and for a little context, just six months ago, 43 senate republicans pledged to, "continue to oppose the consideration of any nominee regardless of party affiliation to be the cfpb director until key structural changes to the a agency are made." richard cordray 's confirmation is big. so are the afreed upon votes for the other four presidential nominees including gina mccarthy as head of the epa and thomas perez , secretary of labor, both of whom have had unprecedented republican obstruction. there are two people who are getting frankly, a little screwed here. two nominees on the national labor relations board whose credentials have not been questioned. because a federal court ruled their recess appointments out of bounds, have been replaced as part of the deal. hours ago, the white house confirmed they will nominate nancy schiffer and kent yoshiho hirozawa in their place. the nlrb could be up and functioning and enforcing the nation's laws again which also means all seven positions that were vacant and stalled should be filled before summer is out. today harry reid scored a rare and thorough victory because he and senate democrats are starting for better or worse to put the lessons of the house republican caucus into practice. the same tools that have given us the sequester for which we seem incapable of escape. the only way to get things done in this era of dysfunction and polarization is to stop paying attention to taboos and norms and what just isn't done and threaten to do whatever