All In   |  July 19, 2013

President Obama takes on Stand Your Ground

In his incredible remarks today, President Obama talked about how Stand Your Ground laws tend to encourage confrontations rather than diffuse them.

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>>> melissa, what i think you see from the speech from 2008 , the famed philadelphia race speech is part of the premise of that speech, if we have the right political leadership, the country at this point is ready to move forward, have adult conversations about race and heal some of these wounds. then today president obama comes out in this much more toned down, no sort of high-flying rhetoric, no fancy teleprompter, and says, actually, if politicians lead this discussion, it's going to go awry. the difference between the theory on the race in '08 and 2013 is telling about the experience he's had as president.

>> that was president obama before someone asked for his birth certificate. that was, right, that was --

>> before he told him, you lie.

>> right. that was president obama before every move that he made became where he ended up carrying the burden of race. senator obama 2008 and president obama 2013 do share an optimism about the american project which is actually infused within the history of african-american philosophy and writing and political action. you know, i have been quoting and reading and thinking a lot about dubois who said it was impossible to pull together the blackness and the americanness, that it was a struggle that would render that dark body apart. and you see the president always hopeful, always optimistic, and yet that kind of sadness that i think has overcome so many of us who are optimistic about the american project and self-government in a multiracial society, nonetheless felt this week.

>> president obama today said there are a lot of young african-american men out there who need help and when we get back here, i want to talk to someone who actually provides that help for a living to find out what president obama 's remarks meant