All In   |  July 30, 2013

The latest accusation being thrown at Huma Abedin

Author Reza Aslan, Linda Sarsour of the Arab Association of New York, and Media Matters' Eric Boehlert join Chris Hayes to talk about the cultural fear behind some of the attacks on Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin and the fact that, as Aslan sarcastically remarks: "Huma, if you've got this secret Muslim agenda, it's not going so well."

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>>> what's amazing to me is that we're spending time debating schmeckle-gate, when huma abedin , connected to the chief financier of al qaeda is his wife and has top security clearance .

>> this is a great point.

>> why are we debating this?

>> actually what brooke points to, that's the real abedin story. it's not about weiner 's weiner .

>> also assisted --

>> that was a lip from sean hannity 's weekend special, titled "saving america" by putting as many people on the stage as we can. his guests' claims that anthony weiner 's wife has ties to the muslim brotherhood . still with me, reza aslan . join that slur against huma abedin is of fairly long vintage, actually. the as far as i can tell is a michele bachmann rumor that she started. take a listen to her as she kicks this off. "the deputy chief of staff, huma abedin has three family members, her late father, her mother and her brother, connected to muslim brotherhood ." this is mccarthyism.

>> this is the fox perspective. this is demonizing muslims and specifically american muslims if you go back to the so-called ground zero mosque. i mean, the hysteria was off the charts. it was going to be a training ground for terrorism. any opportunity they get is really just smear and fear, much like the race baiting after the george zimmerman verdict. this is all sort of the same package.

>> i was not that surprised to hear that on fox. i was surprised to read this in "the new york times."

>> yes.

>> this is maureen dowd this weekend. i'm not exaggerating that my mouth opened. i'm serious. i could not believe this was in the paper. "when you puzzle over why the elegant huma abedin is propping up the eel-like anthony weiner , you must remember one thing, huma was raised in saudi arabia where women are treated worse by men than anywhere else on the planet." strong argument? weak argument? linda?

>> stupid argument. i would say. it's interesting that this is not just, you know, fox news and it's not just michele bachmann . this is an industry in this country that's islam-o-phobic. i don't know what they want me to think about huma abedin , a crazy monster? t if you want to talk about the oppressed side, huma abedin was in the state department . she is a woman who made her choice in who she wanted to marry. she married a person not of her faith.

>> right.

>> and she is a very elegant woman. it's not our business why she's staying. this is a larger conversation about how we talk about adultery in this country. this is not about huma abedin . let's talk about why weiner is showing his --

>> the fascinating thing to me, at this point, huma abedin is probably the most high-profile muslim woman in america right now. that's what's remarkable about the fallout from this entire scandal and people are attaching to that so quickly as soon as she becomes a public figure.

>> well, actually what's even more interesting is that if, you know, huma has this secret muslim agenda, it's not going so well. i mean, i like hillary clinton a lot, but she is no friend to the palestinians. her husband, anthony weiner , his views about the palestinians are despicable. this is a man who has said that there is no such thing as an occupation of the west bank . he has called palestinian ambassadors terrorists. so huma , if you've got this secret muslim agenda, wyou have to work harder. okay? it's not working.

>> what's also interesting to me about this, i just, i think i thought this would ebb as we got further -- i really did. as we got further from 9/11. and yet it doesn't -- it does, i think, when i talk to people, just normal people out in the country. it seems like it's much lower. but it does -- it hasn't in fox and other places.

>> there's an obama connection, right? so years and years, you know, he's secretly a muslim or how this scary allegiance to islam. he we don't know his true allegiance. it all comes back to obama.

>> is it better now than in the aftermath of 9/11?

>> absolutely not. 12 years later, it's worse. we never saw mosque opposition post-9/11, never saw witch hunt hearings in congress post-9/11. we haven't seen republican debates that were specifically focused on the --

>> george bush , to his credit, said we're not going to go after this religious.

>> reza aslan . author of the book "zealot." linda sarbour. and eric bohelert from media matters .